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Date cancelled, now what? 4 tips that will save your date

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Date cancelled, Now what? 4 tips that will save your date

So your date cancelled the date. She calls you something important happened, or worse, an excuse-text. Or even worse than that, she didn’t show up.

Well first: Shit happens; It’s all in the game my friend…

Secondly, fortunately there are some things you can do when a woman cancelled a date. These dating tips are about what to do when your date cancels.

Tips when the date is cancelled

She cancels the date. Yo DUDE! Look me in the eyes and stay cool okay!

It’s all good, don’t go mad over a woman.

A man is most attractive when he is focused and doesn’t let anyone kick him of his throne.

Dating tip 1: Change your focus to something positive

In other words: go see some friends, go work out at the gym, or best of all: Go see other women!

Another dating tip, and a very important one: NEVER call a date when you’re feeling emotional.

Okay, so you changed your focus. Now what?

When she proposes to meet on another date, simple: plan the date.

If she does not offer another date but has an excuse, be understanding and considerate.

Dating tip 2: Be relaxed and understanding in your texts

Most guys will respond, when she cancels the date, like:

  • Okay, so when CAN you meet?
  • Okay, can you meet tomorrow night?
  • No problem, what are you doing on Friday?


You don’t just accept everything. You are only considerate to her if she is respectful and true to you. Most of the times you will feel what she really means. And don’t forget she finds it exciting as well.

What’s your job? To show her that you can handle these kind of situations in a positive way. And that you’re not giving up at once. On other words, you bounce along.

This is what you want to do now. Just assume she is also annoyed by the fact she can’t make it, and don’t be too harsh on her.

Dating tip 3: subtly make an insinuation about the future

Always stay relaxt and positive, but also know that if a woman likes you she will give you a helping hand. So when she cancels, I test her by mentioning a positive future. “there will be enough moment to have an awesome time together.”

See if she responds positive to this or short.

Things you can say for example are:

  • ‘Cool, no worries. We’ll see eachother soon another time’
  • ‘no problem. As long as you’re not busy for too long ;)’

Dating tip 4: Show her that you are a man

After your previous message you can also just call her. Around half past eight is perfect. Calling her shows you have guts. Now build a nice and calm interaction of about 10 minutes. Don’t instantly focus on fixing the date.

Then say something like: ‘You know, we should meet again. What about next Monday. We’ll go…’

Dating tip 5: When she cancels and doesn’t answer any messages anymore

You won’t be the first that fixes a date after she cancelled one or two times. If it’s a woman outside your social circle, I recommend to just keep plowing. When she’s part of your social circle, be relaxed. You don’t want to get a bad name.

Also know when to change your focus. If she lost all interest in you, move on and focus on other women!

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