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Do women like sex?

Door: Arnoud Anderson     In: Picking up women     Geplaatst: 01-03-2015

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Do women like sex?

With this question I instantly have your attention don’t I? Good! A friend asked me this question not to long ago: “Do women like sex?”. There is a simple and a long answer to that. Yes, women like sex just as much as men do, is the short answer. The answer I give my friend was a bit longer and you will find it below. After this article you’ll never have to doubt if women like sex.

Yes, women like sex!

I responded: ‘Dear dude, think back at the last time you had sex. How was it? How intensely do you enjoy being with a woman completely? How you enjoy coming, and how big your smile was the day after? Do you seriously think that you’re the only one that feels that and that she doesn’t feel anything? Of course she likes it!

She enjoys it as much as you do. Her happiness hormones are shooting through her body at rocket speed during and after sex… She likes to experience that as much as possible.’

Do you follow what I am saying?  So why do my friend and so many other gus ask this question?

Expressing sexual desires

Assuming sexual desire in women is the smartest thing you should do. Whether you’re in a relationship or single, assuming women like and want sex just as much as guys will help you tremendously. You’re using the power of the self-fulfilling prophecy.

Let’s look at my friend. Because he now truly believes women like sex, he started to behave that way. His conversations are more sexual, he’s more open about sex, and takes women home faster. Just because he actually believes that’s what women want. A few days ago je called me: ‘You were right, women love sex!’.

I am right

Imagine what would’ve happened if I had told my buddy: ‘Women usually don’t like sex’. He would have started behaving like that. He would’ve been more careful and taken less action. And he would’ve come to me stating that this statement was right as well.

You now know how this principle works. To be more clear: This also works for you! When you consciously or unconsciously believe you can or cannot do something, you will automatically start behaving according to your beliefs.

Women want sex!

There is more than enough feminine beauty to enjoy. More than enough women who would love to sleep with you. Why? To enjoy amazing sex!

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