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Friends With Benefits Tips

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Friends with benefits

Friends with benefits are what a lot of single guys want

You can call them or text them whenever you want, let them come to you for sex and send them home without a bad feeling.

Why? This is because you both agree that all you do is have sex together. What usually means that you do not harm each others feelings but you do have the pro's of a relationship.

In this explicit no-nonsense blog post you will learn how to get the option to change every woman into a friends with benefits (or fuck buddy). And how to keep it this way until you want to move on or quit the relationship without loosing her as a friend.

I am not only going to tell you how, I am also going to tell you all the things you need to think of. So prepare for a huge friends with benefits post!

How do you get a friends with benefits relationship?

Here are some friends with benefits tips and specific steps you can take.

1. Create a connection with her. – Nothing will ever happen without first building a connection with her. If you just want a same night lay, then connection is not that important. A friend with benefit is somewhat more complex, so be ready to invest some more time.

2.  Make sure you know her situation – Ask her if she is dating anyone or if she is looking for a serious relationship. If she is looking for something more serious, then it might not be a good idea to get into a friends with benefits relationship with her. Ze will eventually become to emotionally involved. If she's single and not looking for anything big, then this might be just the girl for your kind of thing.

3.  Tell her what you want and give her a choice – Let her know that you find her sexually attractive but are not looking for anything to serious. Propose to call each other whenever you just want sex and have some fun together. See what she says.

Do not try to come over to needy as a desperate guy who just wants to use her for sex. This is bad for your sense of selfworth and she won't like it either.

Friends with benefits rules to live by

  • Never act desperate – If you text or call her and she does not want to come by for sex, just let it go and don't start begging her or behave like a complete idiot.
  • Keep it between you two – No-one has to actually know about you two having sex. So keep your mouth shut ;)
  • Keep it casual – If you start calling her to often, it will get boring and the excitement will disappear. Once a week is just right.
  • Be just – If she asks you if you see other women, be honest and say yes. You don't have anything to hide. You are not in a committed relationship and our not exclusive.
  • If you start falling in love with her, STOP – Feelings can cause jealousy and all kind of problems can arise. So if you start falling for her, just stop it. Unless she likes you back and you can change things around of course ;)
  • Safe sex – Don't be an idiot, always wear a condom. Especially when you are also seeing other women.
  • Be nice to her – Friends don't treat each other in a respectful manner. Else she will start feeling cheap and used. No self respecting man would want that.
  • In the end, it will end – Everything ends, so also your fuck buddy relationship. If this happens, so be it and don't let it affect you in any emotional way. You'll find a new one.
  • Don't be protective – Never get jealous or protective when you see her with another guy. She's not your girlfriend and she can date and do whatever yshe wants. The same works for you of course when she sees you with another girl.
  • Keep it simple – This means no dates, no holidays together or anything else that might cause feelings to arise.
  • Tell her when you get into a relationship - If you start a relationship with someone else, she should know. Don't keep having sex with her. It's cheating!

Watch out, you can both get hurt

Yes, we all love sex purely for our physical purposes, but we are also just human so at a certain time one of you, or both, might start feeling more for the other. If this happens end it before anyone really gets hurt.

Frequently asked questions:

Can your ex-girlfriend change into a friends with benefits?

This is possible, but very tricky because emotions are already involved. Best is to stay away from your ex in this area.

What should I do if she starts to have feelings for me?

tell her you are not open to a serious relationship. If you can't continue in a nice, playful and open way, than you should stop having sex. It is very likely that she'll stop seeing you because the feelings can only grow bigger.

What are the boundaries?

Keep it fun, simple and don't get any emotional involvement. Don't treat her bad. Respect her because she wants this for the same reasons as you.

These are my explicit friends with benefits tips and lessions to help you get one or more fuck buddies in your life.

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