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What to do if she does not reply your text messages

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What to do if she does not reply your text messages

About attracting women and text messagingI could write a hundred articles. The subject will never stop to amaze me: women that do not reply to text messages.

After a nice text-conversation (conversation over text) with with a women you like, she suddenly stops replying your messages. WTF? Usually guys don’t have a clue why.

As Arnoud wrote in this article what to do if she doesn’t text you back, sometimes she is just too busy, emotionally unstable or even just lost her phone.

Whatever the reason, these are the best texts to get her text you back!

Text example #1: ‘I dreamed about you…’

This text sentence is great. The cool thing is that you can send this text even months after the last contact. There are several variations on the dream topic:

Text message example 1a:

‘I dreamed about you last night!’

Almost every woman will text you back to ask you about this dream you had. Texts like this will drive her mad! Put something in the text that will make her think about your last contact. The place where you first met for example. Or a (funny/drunk/sensual) thing that you did together.

Text message example 1b:

This one is  a bit more challenging, to use at your own discretion.

You: ‘Haha I had a real dirty dream about you last night!’

Her: ‘Oh what was it?’

You: ‘We were at (a for you known place). And it suddenly started to rain. Things became very muddy. So muddy that I decided to take you in my arms. I ran away with you and then we both fell in the mud. Super dirty! ;)’

Her: ‘Hahaha yeah that is a dirty dream.’

If she adds as a last sentence: ‘So how are you doing?’ then she is picking up the conversation again. If she does not/moderately react, just continue:

‘Laying in the mud we started wrestling. You ripped my shirt off and did not even want to get me a new one!‘

Text example #2: ‘Look at this!’

This text works especially well on WhatsApp because with WhatsApp it’s easy to send pictures. What works really well is this: If you have a picture of the two of you, send it to her. ‘Hey look what I found’

A picture says more that thousand words, which is especially true with women. It reminds her of earlier contact and from that perspective it’s a lot easier to reinitiate the texting contact.

If you do not have a nice picture of the two of you, don’t worry. I once did the following thing. I was in Australia during an moon eclipse, and I sent the photo of that event with whom I had not been in contact with for a year. Guess who suddenly started to talk back to me?

It is also possible to send a picture of something interesting where you were not present yourself. As long as it reinitiates the contact...

Keep it light and funny!

The BIGGEST mistake men make when a woman does not reply text messages is the following. They take it personally and feel offended. Super unattractive…

A much better thing to do is to show that you are different than most men. You take yourself and the situation not too serious. So what do you do? Just enjoy yourself!

More texting examples for when she doesn’t respond:

  • ‘Missing: Cute girl. Description: Blond hair, blue eyes, tip-tilted nose. Recentlyy spotted: WhatsApp Thursday 8th of July.’
  • ‘Here’s a secret sweetheart: my grandma texts back faster than you do!’
  • ‘I first thought you were playing hard to get. But thenI just realized that for a girl like you, it’s more probable that you just haven’t paid your phone bills recently.’
  • ‘Hey you, in jail again? I’m not going to bail you out AGAIN!’

Is she still not replying your texts?

Okay dude, in that case: move on, there’s plenty of fish in the sea.

Some women are certainly worth putting more effort in. Certainly if you truly like her and/or the earlier contact was flirty. But don’t go overboard.

Keep going out, keep meeting other people. Certainly when your mind is too much on a woman that does not text you back. By meeting other peopleyou focus on something positive and this will help you get back into an abundance-, rather than scarcity, mindset.

And who knows what might happen. In any case it’s better toreinitiate the contact with this woman from an abundance mindset. And maybe you are much better of without her. You did what you had to do as a man:; you took action.

Let me know in the comments what you do in these situations. And if you have questions put them there too, I gladly answer them.

All right hasta la vista!




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