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Hey man, I’m Dan.

What makes us different from all the datingexpert and pickup coaches out there?

Well, first of all we proof that it works.

The whole reason we’ve run the biggest Youtube channel on dating success is not to show off by showing a guy like me can actually walk up to a random woman on the street in broad daylight – make her attracted to me – and kiss her moments later, while her friend is watching.

It’s not because I love the spotlight so much that I do all these crazy pranks that get millions of views all over the world, and even gets CNN to talk about this crazy Dutch datingcoach.

Nope, it’s because we want to show you what we stand for.

We believe that a lot of guys are trapped. Stuck in false beliefs about what’s expected of you, what women ‘secretly’ want and about makes women go nuts about a guy.

And the way out my friend, the key so to speak, is something quite simple. 

I’m here to teach that talking to women is eh.. actually.. fun.

Fun is the key. No not to self-confidence (maybe that too), but to making this whole process enjoyable! Tell me, when the last time you were learning something and you actually enjoyed yourself?

If you did, you we’re probably in what psychologists call the zone, flow. It’s scientifically proven that that’s where you learn the quickest.

It’s where you keep coming back to, cause it’s like a game that’s almost addictive.

Fun is contagious. Fun is an aphrodisiac. Fun is life.

Get the fun-with-women thing handled and 80 percent of your success with women is there (yep, we’ll teach you the other 20 percent as well, why not).

Yep, we believe society lied to you. It’s not either having to be this nice schoolboy ór the alpha asshole. It’s about integrating attractive qualities (we call them: habits), so that you become attractive instead of act attractive.

This is the reason we called our company AttractionGym (otherwise we would have called it AttractionPill).

And I’ll tell you a little secret. Women love this too. They don’t want some fake persona. No, they want the real stuff (you). Attraction has to be win-win you see?

If you want to realise your full potential bro and live a life of abundance and richness with women you’ve come to the right place.

So, why not start getting better with women today?

P.S. The serious stuff

  • we spend the most time infield meeting beautiful women ourselves and having fun, and also shooting videos and coaching guys just like you.
  • and because we’re coaching the most guys yearly and have been doing so passionately for a long time we’re pretty damn good at it.