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Approaching women

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Approaching women

Do you recognize this? You’re in a club or in a supermarket and see a girl you really like. You want to approach her and talk to her but an anxiety withholds you from doing anything. What should I say to her? And what if she rejects me? Talking to women can be hard. I am going to give you some answers to make it easier.

Approach anxiety

When you decide to talk to a beautiful woman a huge fear all of a sudden takes over. You freeze. We call this fear approach anxiety. Every guy has this, even the most successful pick-up dude. It’s evolutionary. As cavemen, when talking to someone, there was a big risk. Maybe you make a very bad impression while there are only a few suitable women in your tribe, or maybe the leader of your tribe will get angry about talking to a specific lady and he kills you with a big rock.

Warm-up sets
First you lower the anxiety by getting in the mood. Talk to some women before actually trying to pick them up. You’ll get into the vibe and find it less creepy.

3-second rule
Another rule is to approach a girl within 3 seconds of seeing her. If you wait longer, your mind and thoughts will take over and find all kind of reasons why not to talk to her or what could go wrong.

It’s easier to bend whatever you are doing than to start doing something when doing nothing. When you are standing still and want to approach someone, it’s a big step. You actually have to START moving. While, if you’re already walking, it’s easier to approach someone. So walk a bit through the club and then walk to the girl you want to approach. A smart little trick that will make life easier!

The opening line

Okay, you approach her, and then what? What to say? If you’re quite confident, just walk to her and be honest and direct. That doesn’t happen to her that often!

Hey I saw you standing here and I had to talk to you. You look nice.

Smile and be confident. You’ll be surprised by the results.

Is that a bit too extreme for you? Start talking to her as if she’s one of your friends. Talk about something in the environment you’re in or something you are actually wondering:

  • Hey we’re talking about XYZ and need an extra opinion
  • I want to drink something, what do you recommend here?
  • Jeez this music is loud!

If you are having fun and you pull someone into that positive energy, they’ll probably like it. Remember, people in clubs or bars are there to have fun, and if you’re there to give them that fun, they’d love to talk to you.

Day time

If you approach a girl in the day time in a supermarket or in the streets, be a bit less energetic as in a club. You can ask something about the environment, or a question you have. If you’ve got some guts, try to be a bit more direct:

Hey, I am waiting for a friend and I saw you standing here. I love your smile.

Talk for a short while and quickly exchange telephone numbers. Chances are she’s also going somewhere or doing something. And in the beginning of the approach you already  upped your value because no-one ever talks to her in the street. The longer you talk, the bigger the chance you’ll ruin that impression.

Good luck!

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