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The best opening lines you will ever hear

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The best opening line you will ever hear

The best opening line you will ever hear from a dating coach

Of course I wouldn't take my job seriously if I didn't methodically write down every smart, funny, original opening line I come accross. I have been doing so the past two years with my mobile phone. It has grown into a huge list of the best opening lines that I came up with myself or that I heard from others. So let's jump in to it straight away my this personal selection of the best opening lines you will ever hear from any dating coach.

Funny opening lines

These funny opening lines demonstrate how you can start a humorous conversation immediately. This way you know you will have a fun conversation and you won't end up in super boring topics such as studies, work and where she's from.

Use these opening lines at your own risk:

“I had a blind date / Tinder date the other day. Then she showed up in her wheel chair!”

Here you can continue with: “Now one day I hope to roll her down the aisle.”

“Why did you invite all these people? I thought it was going to be you and me!”

“I bought tickets for (some big sports event), and I'm looking for someone to go streaking with me.”

Original opening lines

Bump into her and say: “That damn attraction-gravitational pull every time!”

Scratch her knee and say: “Yeah, I had an itch on you knee”

“I'm super good a picking up chicks, do you want me to demonstrate?” Don't wait for her reaction and just lift her up.

“I want to buy you a house”

This last one need a bit more explanation. I heard from a lady friend that she had a friend who used this opening line all the time. He even picked up his current wife with this opening line. Of course I had to try it myself as well. What I found is that it is a jumping board to start improvising.

You can say for example that the house has a huge kitchen and that you were wandering she is a good cook. Or I'd say that I'm a gentleman and therefor that I have a special private dungeon for you, and some sleazy share dungeon (with a huge smile on your face of course).

Fail proof opening lines

Honesty always works better then being try hard when you're picking up a girl, and this is the same for the opening line. That's why I think the best opening lines are the ones where you're honest and direct. This is the way I open 80% of the women I'm trying to seduce.

Examples of these type of opening lines:

“Hi. Your face is awesome. What's your name?”

“Hi. You two seem like fun. Let's chill. My name is …”

“Hey, you have a real nice energy. My name is …”


“Hey, I'm …”

I hope you're not dissapointed. Or think that I'm joking here. So let me explain. Approaching a women directly and straight forward stretching out your arm to shake her hand, while being completely comfortable and saying: “Hi, I'm ...” demonstrates SO MUCH confidence that that's all you need really!

What you're communicating is this. I don't need no excuse to come and talk to you. I'm here to pick you up and I'm being blunt about it. I'm not trying really hard, coming up with all kinds of schemes or tricks. I'm here to give YOU the opportunity to get to know me better.

So... put all these tips in you smartphone. Next time you're in a bar and talking to women you'll know what to say, from now on till forever! Let me know your favorite opening line in the comments below.  

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