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The best pick up lines

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The best pick up lines

Best pick up lines

Even the most experienced and successful guy in the field of picking up women will tell you he has a number of pick up lines he uses on a regular basis. Some lines are just fun to repeat over and over.

I am not telling you you should have a complete routine ready. I’m talking about funny or flirty lines that you use every once in a while during a conversation with a woman. A huge disclaimer though: It’s not about WHAT you say but HOW you say it.

How to flirt? Awesome pick up lines

When picking up women there is one golden rule: women expect you to be direct sooner or later. Women love this because they don’t do it themselves. When was the last time you saw a woman approaching a man: ‘Hey cutie, I saw you standing here all lonely and wonder if you’re single’


Next you’ll find a few direct pick up lines. You make your intention clear to her. If you’re not showing her you’re there to seduce her, she will not see you as a potential sexual contact.

Examples of direct pick up lines:

‘Are you single?’

(+/- 10 minutes into the conversation)

‘Hey, your hair looks awesome tonight’

(this one works perfectly as an opening line, especially if you really mean it. A woman can easily work her hair for an hour, so she’ll love it when a guy finally notices it)

‘Let’s talk about more interesting stuff… What’s the funniest thing that ever happened to you in the bedroom?’

(You make clear that sex is normal for you and gives the whole conversation a more sexual vibe. Take the lead by telling something funny yourself)

‘When was the last time you had amazing sex?’

(She now imagines and relives the amazing sex, while talking to you. Of course that will have a positive effect on you being together.)

Best pick up lines when she is challenging you

These lines are original and work great. Woman challenge or test you every once in a while when you flirt with them. Examples of what she says:

‘I bet you tell that to everyone’

‘I think you like yourself a bit to much’

While picking up woman always stay playful and positive. Respond like this:

‘You’re exactly right. I tell this to everyone. But you’re special’

‘If by “like yourself to much” you mean “You are super awesome”, you are absolutely right’

Always do this with a playfull vibe and a smile! You don’t let her kick you of your throne and just play with her challenges. 

Learning to pick up women with original pick up lines

Try to start role playing as soon as possible. When she’s a little bit flirty or the opposite, shy, call her a player. This way you start a role play and even continue it the next day when you text her. Teasing her is the perfect way to keep a flirty interaction.

This will make the whole process a lot easier. There was one girl of who I only knew her zodiac sign. I kept naming her little Taurus. This small piece of role playing made it so much easier to meet her again. You make the interaction unique, playful and flirty.  She’s experiencing something she can only experience with you.

Pick up lines for sexy times

What if you brought her home but she’s not inviting you in. Be cool and ask if you can use the toilet for a sec. Talk a bit when you are inside and your chances just went up now you’re inside already. This one can make a big difference!

Imagine you’re already outside the club with her and make out. But she’s not going with you. Say:

‘Come, let’s have a drink at my place. It’s around the corner.’

‘There is an awesome party at my place. Come let’s check it out, it’s very close’

Take a taxi or whatever is fastest. It’s not about telling the absolute truth but that you give her an excuse to abandon her friends.  If she really doesn’t want to or trust you, she won’t go either way. When you’re in the cab it could still take 10 minutes or more. Who cares?

OK PLAYER! You just collected a whole bunch of pick up lines. Now you can start picking up women like a freakin’ super hero!

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