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Body language secrets. This is how you know she’s in love with you

Door: Patrick Parker     In: Flirt tips     Geplaatst: 15-03-2014

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Body language secrets

Can you tell by someone’s body language if they’re in love with you? Are there body language signals that tell you that a woman is madly in love with you? Yes!

First, a woman will look at you as if she’s very interested and admires you. With big eyes. Another signal is when she’s looking for your opinion in things and agrees with you every time. If she’s a bit more playful however, she will sometimes disagree with you just to flirt with you

There are lots of body language signals that show you she’s in love. If she’s still fighting for your attention, she will be very animated. She’ll play with her mouth, her look, her lips and her hair. She’ll hold you briefly or touch you. She’ll start asking questions and be really interested in you, especially about your relationships and what you do in life. Her eye contact will be focused on you completely. As if the rest of the world doesn’t exist.

Body language signals that she’s in love and feels attracted to you all have to do with submissiveness and sex. She will look down submissiveness for example. She’ll show you her neck and put her hair back. If she holds a long object, like a glass, pen or knive, she might start making slightly sexual movements

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