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Chatting online: 8 powerful tips

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Specialized in Structured Game. Through his dedication he changed from a lovable nerd to a man that knows how to attract the ladies with a snap of his fingers.

Chatting online

Online chat: the new way of dating

Chatting, SMS, WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook-chat and Tinder (my favorite!) are all examples of media that allow you to talk to women without actually being fysically close to eachother. This is good because chats are often an effect of a short interaction with a woman. The goal is clear: seeing eachother again. You have to keep this in mind at all times: seeing eachother again is the goal.

Here are 7 easy tips for impproving you attractiveness online that I learned through the years!

Online chat tip #1: Never lose your goal out of sight
Online chat tip #2: Don’t appologise
Online chat tip #3: No unnecessary waiting
Online chat tip #4: Don’t give her too much options
Online chat tip #5: Don’t wait too long
Online chat tip #6: Don’t forget to have fun
Online chat tip #7: Be realistic

Online chat tip #1: Never lose your goal out of sight

The most import goal is not losing the goal out of sight. Keep in mind that chatting is an investment to get to a date or a meet-up. Nothing less, hopefully much more!

Online chat tip #2: Don’t (over)appologise

A mistake men often make is over-appoligizing. Many men make comments like “Oh sorry I respond now, but this and that, such and so, blablabla” It doesn’t matter. Actually, it’s good. You have a lot more to do than chat all day. You respond now because now you have the time to respond.

What you could do is when she sends a message, is send something like: “Hey I’m busy now but I’ll text you this evening! X” Now you give her attention and affection and at the same time let her know when to expect a proper response. Keep your sorry’s, excuses and pardons to yourself. It doesn’t bring anything good into that chat-contact. Do note: When you really have to appologise, do it. Just do it for something, not for anything!

Online chats tip #3: No unnecessary waiting
Waiting for a response on purpose. We all know the trick. It is very artificial and maybe it worked back in high school. Now it’s too much! You know it and she knows it. You usually just lose her attention and you make a fool out of yourself because she probably notices.

Why should you not do it? Because women want to feel special. Just like #2, a woman wants your attention. Give her this, it makes a difference. Many little plusses are better than few big plusses. Letting her wait doesn’t help you at all.

Online chat tip #4: Don’t give too much options

The goal like the first point of improvement: keep the goal in mind. When you discuss dates, don’t give her too many options. This may sound counter-intuitive. I’ll give an example: would you rather have 1 in a million of simular candies, or 1 in 2 simular candies? Most people say 1 in 2.

This is not a active thinking process but subcontiously it determines peoples decisions. Women tent to go for the 1 in 2 more often than even think about the 1 in a milion. So give her only few options when asking her out on a date.

Online chat tip #5: Don’t ask questions

This tip is coherent with #3 in online chat-game. It’s about the moment when you have the feeling when you have enough of a connection with her. Usually the text follows: “Do you want to go drink something with me?”

Don’t do this! Don’t ask. Assume! If she doesn’t want to, she will tell you. She is a grown up right?

Imagine you want to go and eat out with her and say: “Where would you rather go, Happy Italy or Vapiano’s”” .  You are already indicating that you are going out together. It shows confidence and character. Making statements works way better than asking questions!

Online chat tip #6: Don’t wait too long

This mistake I made more than once. Sometimes it took me a long while before I got that this is why it ended up in a rejection. My new rule of thumb is: don’t have more than 2 days between setting the date and having the date. Why? It gives her enough time to look forward to it and still not enough time to have doubts about it.

The longer the time is between setting the date and the actual date. The greater the chance that she will change her mind.

Online chat tip #7: Don’t forget to have fun!

 Having fun during chatting is of high importance! When you have fun you make yourself happy. This brings self-amusement and tonnes of good emotions to the conversation. Research shows; having positive emotions brings a more broad and happy perspective of the world. Negative emotions do the opposite.

This beams through your messages aswell! She has to feel that you are a happy guy with a fun character. Dit is a very appealing character trade that you can show during texting, so do it!

Online chat tip #8: Stay realistic

Men, let’s be real! She can cancel the date. There can be so many reasons… This just happens. Take it as a man! How you handle that is the most important thing. Don’t rub it in her face. Let her know that it can happen. “Shame, then we’ll make another appointment soon” always works great.

If she wants to give you a hint or tries to bail, then she should be a big girl and be clear on what she wants because else we will just rescedule! Personally this appoach has often given me a great night out the next week!

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