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Date ideas for a first date

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Date ideas for a first date

Our first date – how it began

I had a date with Nice Girl. A few night before we met at a club. She was sleeping at a friend so the evening ended with ‘Was a shame. I think we could’ve had amazing sex.’ She agreed so I asked for her number.

Our plan was to make cocktails. I thought this was a pretty genious idea of me. I go buy booze at 6PM and we agreed to meet at 8PM. A liter of Rum and a bottle of liquor. I coincidentally bumb into a friend who’s also at the liquor store to get a bottle of wine. All of a sudden he opens the bottle and puts it on his smiling lips.

I have some time left so I decide to help him finish the bottle. Fast forward to 8.15 PM. I’m at the central station on my bare feeds inviting people to drink along. I’m wondering where my socks and shoes are. My buddy filled my socks with newspaper and is playing with them.

When I see a random Polish dude finish our last drop of rum, I realise how drunk I am. And it’s only 8.15 PM!

Half an hour late on the first date

All the booze is done. I pull my socks from my friends hands and find my shoes. I grab a taxi to Nice Girl. I am half an hour late and she’s not even a bit mad. Cool chick! She proposes to drink some white wine and I agree.

I only remember two things from that night. The first one where I lifted her up in the air and accidentally threw her up against the wall. The second one where we sat at a table and she tells me: ‘Well mister gigolo, it’s time you go home.’

I have no idea what I told her or what we did. I was at her place for four hours.

My friend woke from this blackout on the train station. He had an argument with the police because they didn’t want to sell him a ticket while the machine was broke. When he walked in, they told him: ‘boy, you can’t buy a ticket right now. It’s 2 AM.’ Why he ended up taking a taxi, even he doesn’t remember. It was expensive as hell.

First date tips

I’m telling you this story because it was an awesome tale. And when it comes to women, the fail-stories are many times as fun as the successes. Here are some tips from my experience with succesfull dates (which I also have occasionally ;) )

First date tip 1: Know why you date!

Most important tip I can give you and I can’t stress this enough: Do you want sex or a relationship?

If you want a relationship, take your time and date her. If you just want sex, make that clear as soon as possible. For example how I did it above: ‘I think we could have amazing sex.’

Activity before sex
In this case, it’s not really a date but an ABS (Activity Before Sex). Or better, a ABAS (Activity But Actually Sex). If you are honest to yourself and her, don’t take her out to dinner if you just want sex.

First date tip 2: No words but…

No words but deeds. Do something that you think is fun. Do you ever take your buddies to an expensive restaurant? So why would you take a chick there that you barely know? It’s better to actually go do something fun together. This takes the tension away and you prevent yourselves from boring bullshit conversations about study/work/living. Here are some field-tested suggestions:

Activity before sex

  • Make cocktails together
  • Cook together
  • Make a castle out of pillows and blankets (just spontaneously start doing this. Sounds strange, but who doesn’t want to have sex in a pillow-castle?)

Easy dates
We’re talking about dates for kissing and a romantic afternoon or evening.

  • Tourist in your own city. Walk the beach, check out fun buildings, and so on.
  • Picnic. Go to the park, bring some food and white wine, awesome.
  • Zoo. Works great with all
  • Go to a restaurant and only order a dessert. (around 9-10PM)

Adventurous dates
Perfect for relationship.

  • Wakeboarding
  • Water skying
  • Rowing
  • Sports

First date tip 3: Know thyself

Most guys are to nice or to emotional unaware when it comes to women. If you’re both, you’re fucked. I’m kidding. But seriously, know yourself. For both I have a golden tip.

If you know you’re to much of a nice guy, be more direct with her. Your date-rule: Be a jerk instead of a nice guy. To much touching is better than no touching at all. Let her know you have a dick bro. Every women secretly wants a guy that is chasing her without excuses. So, make eye contact, say what you think, and be secure.

Difficulty creating a connection?

If you know you’re not good at creating a connection, this is your new rule:  Mirror her every move. People like people that are alike.

This doesn’t mean you should like the same shit she likes. You should just mirror her behavior. Take the same pose, look at her at the same pace and paraphrase what she is saying.

She says she helped wingless bats in Zimbabwe for three months? Respond: ‘How cool, you helped wingless bats in Zimbabwe. How were those three months.’

If you don’t believe me on this last part: I did it once an entire night on a date. She didn’t stop talking and she told me every detail and secret of her life. At the end of the night she said: ‘We have such a special connection together.’

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