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Dating younger women

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Dating younger women

Age difference a problem?

A lot of women date guys that are a few years older. This is also visible in relationships. Usually the guy is at least a few years older than the girl. Why? There is a certain attraction in the age difference between a man and a woman.

The other way around, what is so attractive in a younger woman to men? Is it beauty, youthfulness, or another vibe? Younger women give more energy in some way which makes the guy feel younger.

Since a lot of guys like to date younger women, and women like older guys, I am going to give you a few very important tips.

Dating tip 1: Treat her like your annoying little sister

Tease her. Take every opportunity to accuse her of infantile behavior. This way you do not give away your power and make it interesting and challenging. That’s, believe it or not, completely different than most guys treat her.

Dating tip 2: Don’t be the follower

Women in general don’t feel attracted to men that don’t take the lead. Especially younger women. Younger women have less life experience than you might think and that’s exactly one of your added values.

You’re in charge. You decide what you are going to do and what the rules are. If you do this in a tactful way, you’ll be surprised how positive she will react to it.

Dating tip 3: Don’t force yourself on her and don’t interfere with her life

When dating a younger woman, don’t forget she has her own little life that she enjoys. Her parents are probably already too much of an interference, and she doesn’t need another one of those. Don’t call her at work. Don’t pay her a surprise visit. Don’t embarrass her.

Dating tip 4: Don’t be to available

The best way to get attention from a cat is to ignore it. The same for younger women you date. Younger women only just escaped from their parents home and structure and want to have a taste of freedom and to go their own way.

So let her live her life. Make yourself scarce so she will start going after you.

Dating tip 5: Know she’s going to change

When you’re dating a woman between 18 and 23, you just know her life is going to change dramatically in the next few years. Try to keep an open mind and encourage her to grow and to experiment.

Chances are she’ll not be the same person in some years as she was when you met her. Accept it.

Dating tip 6: Keep calm when the storm comes

Younger women often times create drama. When she’s becoming emotional or angry, don’t let it influence you. Start meditating. Learn to stay cool and calm. That’s what she really wants, and not that you start solving her problems for her. One thing that’s so attractive in an older man is his stability and inner strength.

Dating tip 7: Be aware what expectations you create

Pay attention to how often you see her and talk to her. Younger women have less control over their emotions and might start attaching to you very quickly. One way of doing that is by trying to see you and talk to you as often as possible.

Dating tip 8: Make sure you know how attraction works for women

The most important thing you need to know before starting to date younger women, or any women actually, is how attraction works! When you don’t know how to be attractive, nothing I just told you will make any difference. And some might even work in your disadvantage.

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