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Does sex on the first date ruin your changes of a serious relationship?

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Coach. Zijn focus ligt op vrouwen emoties te geven die ervoor zorgen dat ze niet meer om je heen kunnen. Deelnemers roemen zijn vermogen om hen dingen te laten doen die ze nooit durfden.

Does sex on the first date ruin your changes of a serious relationship?

What does sex on the first date mean?

You hear it quite often. A friend fixes a date (Tinder is popular these days), they flirt a bit, meet each other and have wild awesome sex on the first date. And because they have sex the first night, their relationship is automatically centered around sex.

But what if one really likes the other, or finds out after some time that he or she starts liking the other more and more. Then what? Is it still possible to change this into a serious relationship or is sex on the first date a killer for that? Does it diminish all changes for something serious?

A lot of people would say it does. But what do I say? Bullshit! Sex on the first date depends on a lot of things.

Reasons to not have sex on the first date

Of course there are guys who don’t want a relationship with a girl they had sex with on their first date. The question is, what are their motives. Can they themselves have sex on a first date or just never want that. Or only with some women?

Women often times don’t want sex on a first date because they don’t want to give the wrong impression. Some other women just want to time to get to know a guy. However, there are little women that never experienced a one night stand. Their motives and what they think of it afterwards differ.

Reasons to have sex on a first date

Sex happens in the moment, when there is attraction between two people. If it’s completely random with who someone has sex, it’s different of course. So it’s about the type of sex and how it happened.

An awesome conversation over several hours that ends in passionate sex is something completely different than having sex when you’re drunk after hanging out at the bar. Or sometimes it happens really fast but afterwards you spend days together. That’s another story again.

That you decide to have sex right away does not mean you have no inhibitions or self control. People that refuse sex for a number of dates out of some kind of self control are not determined to have better relationships.

Conclusions about sex on the first date

If you’re a woman and didn’t create a well established connection before sex, you might think a serious relationship is not an option. This is not entirely true. It just depends. What is important is whether a connection is established during the time you see each other. You’ll find out soon enough. Is he interested in you and wants to get to know you better?

Don’t be a non to force this. This is a big turn off. As a woman, stay close to who you truly are and open up. That’s when you’re at you’re most attractive. Keep seducing him. Make sure he doesn’t feel obligated to date you. You can’t force him to see you and commit. Give the guy some space.

As a man watch out to not put labels on someone’s behavior. That she’s easy because she slept with you. If you do this you risk losing her forever. Think about it: would you want to keep seeing someone who had such beliefs about you?

What sex on the first date means is that the force, the sexual attraction between you two, is strong. Nothing to break your head over, as long as the sex was a consequence of your interaction and connection. Enjoy the chemistry. If it doesn’t work out, at least you both enjoyed it.

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