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Fashion advice to stand out from the mass

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Fashion advice to stand out from the mass

As with everything in life, when choosing the clothes to wear and your style, it’s all about finding the right balance. You don’t want to come across as to ‘put together’ and styled. This is try-hard and unattractive. On the other hand, you don’t want to disappear in the mass as a boring grey mouse.

The best way to stand out from the croud, is by dressing with taste. With the right fashion advice, this doesn’t have to be expensive either!

Women tend to look at every detail. They even remember exactly what you wore and when. Make sure your clothes and shoes look neat and not old and worn out, and make sure your nails are clean.

Fashion advice: How to combine

Looking fashionable doesn’t have to be expensive. If you have some good basics, you can combine endlessly.

With a cool leather jacket you can choose to go for the biker look for example, by combining it with leather boots, denim and cool sunglasses. If, however, you like to go for the rockstar look, combine it with a cool t-shirt, black skinny jeans en black sneakers. If you wear a nice button-down shirt beneath your leather jacket, it’s a whole other look again.

Another example is a nice white button-down shirt. You can wear this in a casual-chique way with a suit-jacket in any color. However, you can also roll up the sleeves, and wear it with cool blue denim and some sneakers.

Accessory like cool sunglasses, a watch, belt or necklace, can give a certain style the finishing touch.

Fashion advice: Combining colors the right way

Watch out with bright, intense colors. If you wear a piece with a bright color, all your other pieces should be nice and basic color wise.  Else you might start looking like a clown.

If you wear red or green jeans or chino for example, combine it with a white, or blue top.

While wearing a bright colored shirt, make sure you’re wearing a blue or grey denim.

Don’t be afraid to use colors. It’s a way of being different and standing out. If you prever the safe way, these basic color combinations are always good.

  • Black with all shades of grey. (From light grey to dark grey).
  • Light blue with dark blue
  • Khaki (light shade of yellow-brown) with different browns. These don’t look good with any skin-color, so ask for advice if you’re not sure.
  • Dark blue with all shades of grey.

White always fits with all these combinations. They work great for both formal and casual situations.

Fashion advice on the right fit

This might actually be the most important piece of advice I can give you and men in general. Buy clothes in the right size! Most guys take the wrong exit on this one.

You don’t want your clothes to be so tight that they almost burst open when you sit down. But you definitely want to make sure your clothes are not to big! Doubts? Ask for advice.

For guys that are kind of short, make sure your trousers are not to wide. Slim cut trousers look elegant and make you look longer.

For shirts you should look at your shoulders. The sleeves should start where the shoulder ends. That’s how you know you have the right size. If you buy a shirt that’s just right at the shoulders, but there’s excessive fabric  in your back or sides, you can always choose to go to a tailor. The tailer can almost always modify your shirt the way you like it.

Final advice: There isn’t one style.

Experimenting is part of fashion and your taste will change over time. Don’t just follow all the trends, but consider what you like and let that inspire you.

And don’t feel obligated to keep to one specific style. Maybe you like to wear something cool today but something preppy tomorrow. It’s okay! 

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