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Good Conversation Topics For Better Dates

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Good Conversation Topics For Better Dates

Conversation Topics For Dates

Hey Player, this is what you don’t want…

“Hi, what is you name?”
“My name is Lisa”
“Where do you come from Lisa?”
“West Palm Beach, Florida”
“Do you study?”
“Yes, law”
“Who are you here with?”
“A friend”
“Okay.. so…”

Right… Boring!

Rule of thumb for fun conversations

Okay, don’t get me wrong, it’s alright to have a conversation like above, but only if you are actually enthusiastic about meeting eachother and there is a sparkle between you and her. But it has to be said: it is pretty boring. Especially when you are not feeling very loose yet, then this is a boring conversation.

The rule of thumb is this: It is a fun conversation when you think it is a fun conversation.

If you don’t think it is a fun conversation it is almost impossible for her to thinkt it is.

How do you make a conversation or date more fun?

Step 1 you might have hear before, so I’ll keep it short. The above conversation can be turned into a much better conversation by using statement. Let’s change it:

“Hey you seem like a Anna!”
“No haha my name is Lisa, why do I look like an Anna?”
“Haha I just thought that, you seem like you are from a big city.”
“Well not kinda big but close to Miami, I am from West Palm Beach”
“Cool, I like the beach. I have this sense that you study economics”
“No law but it has to do with businesses sometimes, all though I wanna go in the direction of blablabla”

This makes it much more appealing for her to respond to your questions. They are not real questions! It makes the conversation more fun and if you can’t see that: stop reading dating tips and just go play World of Warcraft again!

Fun conversation topics, goed conversation, awesome date

The best topics for conversation to talk about with women might be the following. It’s something that involves everybody: men and women. In other words: you talk about ‘us’.

Talk about the differences and the simularities between the two. Tell her that you are wondering what she considers a ‘real man’ and ‘real woman’. Ask her what she thinks is the weirdest difference between men and women. Her aswers will be interesting and there is a good chance you will learn something!

Ask her about men during club nights, about openers and pick up lines, about first dates she had and how they went wrong or (later in the evening) about funny sex bloopers. Start that yourself carefully and casually, there is a good chance she will open up a little bit especially when there is some alcohol into play.

Good Conversational Topics

Other fun topics of conversation are: liquor, adventure, travel, meeting random people, drama with friends and more talk about sex.

Again: don’t ask too many questions hoping that she will get interested in you! Make those statements damnit!

With every women it differs which direction the conversation will take. Some women are more passive and tend to be a little shy, then you will have to do 60-80% of the talking on the first date. Make sure she is comfortable and make her talk a little more every hour.

You might be looking for clever fun conversation topics for a date. But you might not even need the conversation topic to have fun. Because…

Dating tips for the lazy dater

Many women are especially (like everybody) interested in themselves. Is this the case? Then this is the ultimate dating tip: find out where she like to talk about and listen carefully. Don’t ask anything the 1st five minutes. What you will actually do is this. You paraphrase what she says and make a statement.

“Oh, so you paint in the weekends, I am quite curious about the type of art you make”

And she will talk on about her art for another five minutes. You just diplay curiosity without asking questions, she will tend to keep on talking. At the end of the evening she will feel a enormous connection with you… while she doesn’t know that much about you! I have heard this many times at the end of a evening. Sorry women, you can be a bit shallow aswell.

Faking the curiosity?

Side note: do lead the conversation in the direction that you actually like, else it just means that you are faking your curiosity in her. This will be very boring for you and if your date notices it doesn’t make you look charming.

OK Player! Now you know enough to never run out of conversation topics again on a date! Time to get some dates!

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