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Hank Moody: 7 lessons about picking up women

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Hank Moody: 7 lessons about picking up women

Hank Moody is one of the best roles of this natural charmer, David Duchovny. Hank Moody, the star from ‘Californication’ can give you some clear insights on how to pick up a woman.

Yes, of course he drinks to much and smokes to much. And yes, he gets himself into a bit to much trouble and strange situations.

However, he has more charm than any other guy I’ve seen on television lately. And he’s a true womanizer, someone we can learn a lot from. How would Hank Moody deal with this situation? ;)

For those who don’t know the series, here are some sentences from Hank’s repertoire:

  • A morning of awkwardness is better then a night of loneliness.
  • How can you be this damn hot and at the same time so wrong?
  • Do you want me to want you sucking my penis.
  • It doesn’t matter what you did. Don’t give up. If she loves you, she’ll forgive you.
  • Experience thought us that a back-tattoo is the watermark of promiscuinity.
  • You’re looking at me as if I just fingered your pussy.

Some random lines from the legend himself.

Check out the series with the following seven facts in mind and chances are, you’ll up your skills with women drastically.

The seven lessons about picking up women Hank Moody teaches you

1. Be Alpha

Hank won’t let anyone play with him. So shouldn’t you! When anyone tries to fool him or make him look bad, he will turn the tables. Develop the alpha mindset and don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself whenever you need to. Do this when dealing women and when dealing with guys.

2. Persistance prevails

If you want something, fight for it. If Hank wants something he will get it no matter what he has to do to get it. This means you’ll have to do some ridiculous shit every once in a while. But it doesn’t matter, see the beauty of it. In the end, persistence will give you more then starting something and then quiting before getting what you want. From a woman’s point of view, it’s super attractive if someone commits 100% to getting what he wants.

3. Live life according to your rules

Life is to short to follow someone else’s rules. Your life, your conditions. If you truly do this, you’ll notice that people around you will start following your rules more and more and things happen the way you want to. More and more women will appear to you that are attracted to your sense of self-worth.

4. Don’t care about other’s thoughts about you

Don’t take this to literally. You don’t want to come across as anti-social. This is about not caring what other thing ABOUT YOU. Your opinion about yourself is the most important one there is. Why? Because you are the only one that’s in charge of yourself. You’re the one who has control over your actions.

5. React quick and strong

Hank Moody has a tongue of gold. What he says and how he formulates his sentences is amazing. Not everyone can do this and you don’t have to. But enhancing your vocabulary and writing every now and then is going to help you a lot. The more words and meanings you know, the quicker you can vocally react to any situation. Being verbal is sexy. Hank can do it, so can you!

6. Family and friends are important

A real guy takes care of his family and friends. Hank supports whenever they need it and shows sincere interest. The people in your life are there for you as well when you need them. So keep the bigger goal in mind and walk away from any adventure that might hurt others.

7. Accept and move on

In the series Hank is hit with an open hand, a fist, a plant, he  is drugged, someone hit him with a care, and so on. How does he respond? By getting up and moving on. Whatever life gives you, whatever women say to you, or whatever guys accuse you of: Get up and move on! Don’t wine, accept and move on! That’s masculine and sexy!

To sum up
Hank Moody is a fictional character, true. But his behavior is not. When you try to live these 7 tips, chances are you’ll see major progress concerning women.

The series ‘Californication’ is cool. But you can also learn a lot from it. See how you can copy Hank Moody’s strong points. Your life will definitely not get more boring, that’s for sure ;)

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