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How to be a gentleman (9 Tips For Real Men)

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How to be a gentleman

Where are all the gentlemen?

A gentleman, a real man, are they still around? Is it still something from this day and age? Yes sir!

When you look around into the gentlemen-scape, you’ll see the art of being gentle making a comeback. In films, hair, clothing and even music.

Gentleman elements. More tight style of hair, comed and shaven hairstyles are coming back. Leather shiny shoes, coats, suits, top hats and scarfs are back in fashion. Even Jazz is back in a new form!

So… what does that tell me? Many men think that ‘being a gentleman’ is from another age and not need anymore. Maybe it’s not needed. But it so so much fun AND it has some very important upsides…

What does it mean to be a “gentleman”

It is rewarding, however strange it may sound, to act like gentleman.

I’m not talking about asking for a womans hand before you go out with her. Or that you should wear a three piece suit when going on a date.

What I mean is the intergrating the thinking and feeling of a gentleman.

It’s about being a man of honour, being royal in your attitude, having respect voor female beauty and have manners that don’t concern a timeperiod but convey character! Character is something that is flowing you of you into the world. The following tips will do wonders for your appearance and will make you differ from other men.

Nine simple rules for modern gentlemen

  • Take care of your body: The modern man is not only gentle. He has standards for himself. Keep yourself fit and in good shape by excercising. Make sure you have a right way to dress and take care of hygiene.
  • Have empathy: Hold the door open for a lady, also when you don’t know her. Offer her a chair, take her coat and hang it, give her honest attention and your best smile.
  • Don’t curse: Once everywhile we let out a bad word, it happens to all of us. But doing this on a regular basis… does it make you manly? Do you have such a small vocabulary that you can’t find any other synonyms?
  • Take care of her security: I don’t mean you should kick anybody’s ass that treats her impolite. What I mean is taking care of her safety in general. When she walks down a stairs, hold her hand. She will love this when wearing heels. Walk on the outer side of the sidewalk (next to the cars) when walking the street. Giving her your arm is one of many ways that will make her feel safe. When another man does act too rude, make sure you show her that you can handle the situation.
  • Be spontanious: Spontaniousness is VERY attractive. If you have a relationship, you can make her very happy with a spontaneous surprise. Going away for the weekend, a personal gift. Let her know you care about her gives her a wonderful feeling. Do this is a cool way and double her love for you.
  • Be polite and be welling to help her: Women of different cultures sometimes feel very lost in the west. Simply helping someone else. If a woman is doing some heavy lifting, ask her if you can help out. It will harvest her thankfulness for sure. A lot of times she will decline, but the most important thing is you are willing to help out. Women pick up on this and like it a lot!
  • Don’t look at other women: This is a huge mood-killer. Probably the most atmosphere killing thing you can do in the prescence of a lady. Don’t speak about other women aswell. Nobody wants to hear that there is another man in her life aswell.
  • Be honst: Lying and cheating sometimes seems like the easy way. But it’s hard having selfrespect when you do things you don’t actually have respect for. Stand up for what you believe in and you will have more women than you can handle.
  • Don’t judge: A gentleman knows when he has to speak and when he has to be silent. It is good to have your own opinion. Just don’t bother others with it too much. Don’t assume too quickly. You probably don’t like being labeled so don’t do the opposite.

Gentlemanliness is an attitude

Keep these simple rules in mind and you will see that women will appreciate you a lot more. It will be obvious with the greater gestures but the smaller ones are just as important.

The simple rules apply mostly in the prescence of women.

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