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How To Make A Man Happy In A Relationship

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How To Make A Man Happy In A Relationship

How Do I Make Him Happy In Our Relationship?

A article for a our sweet female readers! It’s short but powerful. Inspired by my best friend, a mate who is a true natural Don Juan.

Ohhh man. During elementery school I was already jealous. He got all the attention from the girls. Luckely everybody can learn the art of seduction. But that is another story.

Despite the fact that my friend is a enormous Casanova, he is in a relationshop since he is 22 (he is 26 now). He could litterally get a few new girlfriends in a week, but he stays with her. What is her secret?

Tips how you can make your man happy

Don’t get me wrong ladies, you are incredibly important to your man. But if everything is alright, you are not the #1 thing is his life. Believe me or don’t, but you wouldn’t think your man is so amazing if he would make you the most important thing in his life.

The most important thing for a man, is his freedom. The more you respect this the more he loves coming back to you. That is the paradox. The more you let him go, to more he wants to stay with you. His freedom is the only thing that makes him that alive childish fun person that you fell in love with. Without his freedom he becomes boring, serious and tired.

How do I keep a man in a relationship?

What the girlfriend of my best friend does VERY well is this. She respects his freedom A LOT. She gets that the evenings of friends are usually celebrated in the bar. She has no desire to stand between him and his friends.

She doesn’t move in with him yet, even though the relationship is going very well, because she sees the appartment more as a place for him and his buddies. (and yes it’s clean;)

It’s not that she is pushed to the side, and is always #2, but she thinks with him in his desires and needs. They plan days together to do fun stuff and have a weekend full of quality time aswell.

Dear women I know it all sounds so simple now. But you can claim your man a lot. Unexperienced men let this happen for a while, other men get sick of it very quickly and leave.

The funny thing is that the last thing you want to do is keep your man away from his pals. It won’t make him any better! Bordedom, fights and bad sex will follow.

If you don’t claim your men too much you will be rewarded by having a Don Juan as a boyfriend or husband like this particulair girl did. And if you want to see me every night of the week after our first date/first time we made love: my thoughts go ‘uuhhh get out of here!’.

Extra happiness tip: Sex

Ok one more extra tip. My opinion is that men are responsible for 90% of the quality of the sex, the other 10% is the woman. Ususally the man dominates the bedroom. If you are in the more submissive role as a woman then this is the golden sex tip.

Take initiative but do it on a unexprected moment! This happens almost NEVER! Take him with you into a public restroom or fitting stall to have your way with him. If you always have regular sex: maybe give him head untill he cums. Look for inspiration in porno. Ofcourse you don’t have to do the really nasty stuff but a lot is very good technique you know…

If he is always on top, go on top and refuse to come down. If you are really adventurous maybe try out a tantra course together. You will learn different ways of connecting with eachother, sexual technique and multiple orgasms.

Okay girls, it was my pleasure. Please leave your comments below. Let me know what you think!

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