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Is she ready for sex?

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Coach. Zijn focus ligt op vrouwen emoties te geven die ervoor zorgen dat ze niet meer om je heen kunnen. Deelnemers roemen zijn vermogen om hen dingen te laten doen die ze nooit durfden.

Is she ready for sex?

When is she ready for sex?

Sooner or later a beautiful woman will end up in your bed when you flirt with and date a lot of women. How it happened is not important for this article. Once you have her in your bed the temperature rises. Awesome, but now what? When is she really ready for sex: The penetration?

It’s important to know when she wants it completely. Let me explain: The difference between a night when sex might be a possibility or a night where you two have amazing sex greatly depends on the right timing and knowing when she is ready. That’s what I will be talking about in this article.

Make her long for sex

Sex for men is different than sex for women. You need to arouse her slowly. A woman needs more time to get to the point where she wants sex. It’s not an on/off switch like it is for guys. That’s why it is very important to make her want it badly. To make her long for it. You do this for example by looking deeply in her eyes, kiss her more intensely, kiss her neck, touch her all over and dry humping her.

It’s all about making her long for the real thing. Until it’s really clear that she wants you, and so wants you IN her. During foreplay she’ll let you know when she’s ready.

Signs she gives you to let you know she wants it

When she wants you in her, she won’t usually tell you with words. Here are some signals she might give you when she’s ready for it:

  • She pulls your body on top of her (often times after giving her head).
  • She says something like ‘I want you, now!’
  • She positions herself in such a way that you can easily get between her legs.
  • She takes a condom.
  • She takes the lead completely and sits on top of you for example.

Don’t give in to easily

The signs above are very clear. Others sometimes a bit less clear. When you see the signs a logical thought follows: ‘Yes it’s fucking time!’ But listen to this advice: Just wait a while.

As you read earlier, during foreplay to warmed her up for sex. When she finally wants it are you going to give in instantly? No! Let me clearify with a question…

A woman that makes you work for sex arouses you much more than a woman that gives in right away, right? Now when she wants you, just let her work for it a bit. This only arouses her more and more and when you finally do give it to her, she will enjoy it much more.

Right before penetration

One last golden tip: Just before you start penetrating her, it arouses her even more if you just let her wait a few seconds more.

Push the top of your penis against her vagina but don’t go in. Hold on there pall. Then, when you notice she’s really really aroused and up for it, penetrate her very slowly and sensual until your in her very deeply. She’ll explode from joy. 

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