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Kissing tips for beginners

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Kissing tips for beginners

Kissing tips for beginners

When is somebody a bad kisser? Most women will give an answer like: “boring, not passionate”, “too much tongue!”, “I don’t know, there was no flow” or “I didn’t really feel it”.

The real question is, how will you become a master kisser. And this blog is aimed at both our male and female readers.

Even if you think you belong in the category of good kissers, I noticed that everybody can learn something when it comes to kissing and french-kissing.

In this article are some powerful tips that will help you make every kiss more intens, passionate and seductive. They are, except for tip #1, not very technical but more conceptual at it’s core, that’s why they will help you for sure, even if you never kissed somebody before.

Kissing Tip #1: Don’t directly go for tongue

This kissing tip is very specific but very important! It is the most commonly made mistake made by men, but also by women. Too fast introducing tongue to discover your lovers mouth is a big NO!

Wait with the tongue untill you feel that her mouth is a little bit more open, only then try to french-kiss her. It also makes sense to touch her lips first with the tip of your tongue to notice how she reacts to this kind of kiss.

Watch what the reaction is on a soft tongue kiss, if she is touching your lips with her tongue it is a sign to continue further on. Everything takes time, and that definitly goes for a good tongue kiss.

Kissing Tip #2: Watch her breathing

During kissing the breathing is very important. During the kissing her breathing displays the intensity by which she wants to be kissed (see the tip underneath here).

The breathing in goes more through the nose while you are intensly kising. The beautiful thing is that after a while your breathing will be synchronised.

A fantastic signal of her surrender to the kiss is when she breathes in the moment before the kiss. If she breathes out before the kiss that could be a sign of boredom. It should also be noticeable from other bodylanguage but it is a sign.

On the other hand short fast breathing-in is sign of arousel – she is out of breath and she forces air in to prepare for the kiss. Her breathing indicates a lot about her level of surrendering to the kiss.

A small clip about how to kiss:


Kissing Tip #3: Feel the intensity

It sounds a bit vague but feeling the intensity of her emotion is essential. Think of these two situations: (1) a woman want you to kiss her gently to get to know eachother this way and you come in strong (2) a woman want you to kiss her like your life depends on it and you touch her lips like the prince when he first kisses the sleeping beauty.

Non of these situation will give any chemistry at all. Feeling into her desire in intensity and projecting the desire you have are super essential for a great kiss.

Start out by putting Kissing Tip #2 into good use. Het body language shows how she does and doesn’t want it – what feels best for her. Her breathing shows important clues on how strong her desire for you is in that moment.

Other bodylanguage signals are for example when you comes stand close to you, or when her arms are fully around you like in a hug.

From the same people as the first clip, another sample:


Kissing Tip #4: The art of stopping

Knowing when to stop makes all the difference. A kiss that lasts too long has a negative effect on your connection. You want to be a strict follower of the rule to always be the first who quits kissing the girl first. You show her that you are in control, control over yourself and over the interaction.

And even better: you make her want you more. Just as a short kiss creates more desire than if you would immediately go for a longer kiss. Her body will show you when to end the kiss – but it’s even better to not make it come to that. Make it a habit to make sudden but sure stop. It makes you unpredictable and she will love you for it.

Kissing Tip #5: Copy everything

In the psychology of succes we use a technique called ‘modeling’. Modeling is using a rolemodel from who you can lcopy the most effective and succesful behavior from the situations in which he is best. Try to apply this yourself. Watch actors in movies, watch YouTube, learn from the best!

Here is a compilation of kisses in movies:


Kissing Tip #6: Kissing is art

Tip 6 is you will love the most. To become a master kisser you need to practice A LOT. But it is not necissarily true that the person who kisses more is the best kisser. You need to experiment. The more women you kiss, the more variety in places and situations and in what you try makes that you can raise kissing to a true artform aswell.


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