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Love SMS to seduce her

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Specialized in Structured Game. Through his dedication he changed from a lovable nerd to a man that knows how to attract the ladies with a snap of his fingers.

Love SMS to seduce her

Seductive text-messages

Loving and seductive text-messages cause miracles! How awesome would it be to arouse her through your text-messages so she actually asks you to come by? Out of pure lust and arousal that you caused. What an amazing feeling! In this article I am going to tell you how to become a master seducer through text.

Why are sexual seductive text-messages so effective?

Here are some of the reasons why they are so awesome:

Women get aroused by words
Girls love to fantasize and words are the perfect start for that. This need is not always conscious but often times in the background. But it is easily awakened. This happens when you choose the right words and tone of voice. Words have a huge impact, much bigger than we’re usually aware of.

There is little pressure
There isn’t any external pressure which they have to cope with. No-one is going to think anything about it and there is no social pressure or awkward silences. It’s easier for a woman to say certain things through text messages than to actually say them out loud during a date. There’s a lot more pressure during the latter.

You dictate the tone and speed
It’s completely up to you to decide the speed and amount of arousal you put in each message.  Regardless of the time she takes to respond, you can always start again whenever you want. The connection stays.

Sexual text-messages: Three examples of messages that arouse her

Role playing

  • She: Hey how is you day? X
  • You: Hi there little dove.. A bit boring to be honest. A bit of arousal wouldn’t be to bad. X
  • She: What kind of arousal? :)
  • You: I was thinking of a obedient cleaning lady who doesn’t doubt anything I ask of her.
  • She: Shall I get my dress for you?
  • You: Yes.. And also get some groceries on the way.. Else I’ll be an angry master
  • She: Do you mind if I find it exciting if master is angry?
  • You: Yes! And that’s why you’re going to bend over for some spanking. Bad bad lady!
  • Etc…

I think you get where this is going. What happens is that she secretly loves to tease and say bad things. You decide how it continues. Take the lead and see how she loves to follow.

The fantasy

  • You: Just saw the new James Bond. Awesome!
  • She: Really?
  • You: Yeah, that deep voice, that look in his eyes, his vibe and that six pack.. yesss.
  • She: Is he making you a bit hot?
  • You: Are you telling me that if James Bond would take you to a deserted island and with his deep voice wisper naughty words in your ears what he’s going to do with you, that won’t turn you on?
  • She: hmmm yes I an imagine that..
  • You: Shit, it’s eleven already. Where can I find a Bond-girl at this hour.
  • She: Take your Bond car and come save me! X
  • You: At your service, ma’am…

You’re creating a fantasy world together that creates a strong connection.

Fifty shades of grey

  • You: It’s Thursday night, work is almost done, and I have a huge boner… What to do what to do…
  • She: Ice cubes help :)
  • You: well well missy, that’s really naughty. God didn’t give you those lips to not use them. Put on your high heels, but some red lipstick on and get here right away.
  • She: And what if I don’t?
  • You: I will find you, blindfold you and kidnap you. Then I will tie you to the bed and punish you.
  • She: Okay I’ll see you in 20 minutes. X

You take the lead. Women love when you dare to treat them like this.

Two tips to create arousal through text-messages

Arousing a woman through text-messages is an art. Therefore keep in mind the following.

It’s up to you to set the sexual tone of the conversation
A lot of men wait for some kind of approval before making it sexual. They do this out of fear. But think, what does this communicate to her? That you don’t know how to handle a situation like this. If you have enough connection and trust it’s just fine to start sending sexy messages.

If you go to far, don’t bother to much
Of course it could happen that you cross the line. It’s not always easy to know how far you can go with a certain woman. This does not mean you should instantly apologize and try to make up. No, you portrait a dominant and sexual frame. You want to keep that frame. If you go to far, it’s best to use a hidden apology.

An example:

  • She: Well that’s a bit to much for me
  • You: Oh I didn’t know you would shock you. I’ll be a bit more gentle with you when you’re here later.

Finally one last rule: Don’t be a complete idiot and use your common sense. See how you can activate her imagination with sexual text-messages. A matter of just doing it. Good luck bro!

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