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Meeting Cute Guys (Itís Possible, These 8 Tips Will Kick-start Your Lovelife)

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Coach. Zijn focus ligt op vrouwen emoties te geven die ervoor zorgen dat ze niet meer om je heen kunnen. Deelnemers roemen zijn vermogen om hen dingen te laten doen die ze nooit durfden.

Meeting Cute Guys

Meeting cute guys: How and where?

Yes, we don’t discriminate. Also the women on this blog have their right on fun dates & romance ;-). And what is the #1 question asked by single ladies: ‘Do cute guys still excist?’ The answer is: Yes! Duh. They excist, you just got to know how to find them. What you need is a couple of tips about where to go best for meeting up with cute guys.

Read on and soon you will have more dates than your agenda can handle…

Meeting cute guys 1. At work.

It might sound very obvious, but if you have the same job it means you have a shared interest. Besides you probably have the same level of intellect (which can be very comfortable) and there is a high chance your values are simular aswell. The best way to start a relationship at work is to become friends first.

You work together so you want to avoid complicated situations. So: first build a friendship and try to distill from there if the guy is dating material.

Meeting cute guys 2. Comedy class

A guy who looks good is cute, but a guy with humour is a hundred times cuter. Because what is better than laughing right? Submit for improv classes or theatresports. I once visited a birthdaypary at which I had a hilarious conversation with everybody. Then I discovered that all these fun people where actually part of a theatresportsgroup of the host.

No more serious, humourless conversation at bars. No complicated openers. Enough to break the ice should be anything: ‘your sketch was hilarious’ should be enough.

Meething cute guys 3. Friends

How annoying it might be to get set up for a date with a guy by your friends – keep this in mind: you both like the same persons so there is a higher chance you both like eachother. If you have cool friends that means they probably know a lot of cool (single!) guys. The only thing you’ve got to do is explain to them what type of guy you are into, and how they should introduce you. So be open to the tips and possibilities your friends hand to you, because you might miss out on meeting the man of your dreams.

Meeting cute guys 4. Live music bars

Take your friends this weekend to a local bar where they play live music. Live music attracts a certain type of guy (cute muscicians or lovers of live music). These types of guys are out to have a cool night out with lovely music and maybe lovely company aswell. Perhaps you could assist them in some lovely company.

Besides, the live muscicians who perform are also looking for attention. They are working hard the whole evening for your entertainment. Do you want to attract their attention? Shout out after they played a number: ‘Well done! Amazing song!’ It’s guaranteed that he will notice because you have the guts to speak up in a full audience and because of the complementing. Everybody loves compliments ;).

Meeting cute guys 5. Volenteering

Kill two birds with one stone: submit yourself for volenteering at a cause that you find is important and meet a cute guy there. People who give up their time to volenteer at a special cause show the world that they’ve grown up and have a good heart: so that must be dating material. Did you find your man here? Then you know for sure that you found a guy who is real sweetheart and a giver.

Meeting cute guys 6. Online dating

One day online dating was for ners and creeps who pretended to be somebody they were not. Now it turns out to become one of the most populair ways to meet somebody new. You can decide at home if you like somebody, and see hundreds of photos in a short while.

Effordlessly you can start a conversation with nearly everybody without the pain of funny looks and rejection. Sure, you should always be sceptical when meeting someone online. ‘Fit’ and ‘in shape’ and ‘well-groomed’ are very subjective terms which can mean something else for everybody.

Meeting cute guys 7. Your own home

‘My own place? That’s where I live alone!’ I hear you thinking it. But what if you were to host a party there, and guests could bring somebody? Then you would have a amazing evening full of fun with your best friends – and some people who you’ve just met. This is one of the best ways to meet new people because you’re never so much at ease as in your own home. And will a friend bring a cute guy?

Then you should be a good hostess… Where should he put his coat? Does he need a drink? Does he know his way around the house? You are the hostess and thus the centre of attention. It helps a lot when you have interesting pictures, amazing art or funny photos on your walls as decoration…

Meeting cute guys 8. “Guys night out”

Guys nights out are usually the opposite of girls night out. They are meant for men to meet up with women, not to chit-chat. So if you are looking for a sportive, chilled, outgoing man then go to a typical men’s bar. You know what I mean, the ones where they show sports matches.

Leave the high heels, dresses and fake eyelashes at home and put on some jeans and sneakers to have a beer in the pub. In bars where sports are being shown about 70% of men are looking for female companionship. And because a big amount of the visitiors is male, you are again in the centre of attention. Annoying isn’t it? ;)

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