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More dates with Tinder (online dating tips from a woman)

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More dates with Tinder

I don’t know any of my female friends who isn’t using Tinder, but unfortunately often times without success. They do have a lot of good looking matches but it never works out. Most conversations start with ‘Hi’ followed by ‘How are you’ and ‘good, thanks’ and then just end. I thought to myself we could and should do better and that’s why I wrote this article. I am going to make sure you’re going to have a lot of fun dates with the most beautiful women on Tinder. How? Keep reading.

More Tinder dates step #1: The right profile

It all starts here. Make sure you have a good profile picture. When I am Tindering, about 50% of guys I see have photos without shirts on. Trust me, only a specific type of woman falls for that. Of course, if you’re fit and play sports, you should show that, but in a different way please.

What works great, it showing photo’s in which you are enjoying the things you like to do. You play soccer? By all means, show yourself in your soccer-outfit. Love to travel? Post your pictures of all your exotic destinations. This way to give an impression of who you really are. Make sure you only post one or a few group photos. We don’t want to be confused which of the guys you are.

I hope it’s clear photos are the most important part of your profile. So the personal description you might add is the one way to show you have personality. By adding a joke for example, a woman might still like you if she had any doubt because she became curious.  As an example, I’ll show some of my favorite descriptions from my matches:

‘Weird is a side effect of awesome’

‘Don’t judge a book by it’s cover (yes, even on Tinder)’

‘By clicking the heart, I might cause your heart to start beating faster. Please warn your doctor in advance.’

‘My mom tells me I am the cutest guy in the country. What do you think?’

These examples all put a smile on my face. And if a girl laughs at her phone, you know you’re doing it right!

More Tinder date step #2: Taking the first step

I am going to admit something I am not particularly proud of, but it’ll teach you how 99% of women on Tinder think. I never started a conversation with a guy on Tinder myself and I know all my female friends are waiting for the guy to take the first step. I have some matches that I really really like, but still I will never take the first step.

How sad I think this is in times of emancipation, it’s the cold hard truth. The guy has to start the conversation. That’s why I want to give you a helping hand. It’s not that difficult but still it goes wrong most of the times.

Every opening line that leads to a conversation is good. So everything except for a ‘Hi’. Try using the information in her profile. For example:

‘Well at least we have one thing in common: Good taste! Haha.’

‘Looking at your pictures, you seem to like sun! Considering the weather today, you must feel really happy right now’

‘I already know we are the best match ever since we both like…’

The big trick on Tinder is to never comment on her appearance and how she looks. Trust me, I get so tired of every guy that starts with: ‘Nice pictures’ or ‘You look good’ or that calls me a hot chick. If you didn’t find me attractive you wouldn’t have clicked the heart-button in the first place, so don’t start talking about her appearance.

More Tinder dates step #3: Ask for her number

Finally, you only have to do one thing: Ask for her number. When you get her number, you past a crucial point. She thinks you’re nice enough to talk a bit more. Try asking for her number early in the Tinder conversation. This way you will stay in contact without getting lost in all her Tinder activities.

Just say: ‘Hey I might be old school, but I’d rather talk to you through whatsapp than Tinder. What’s your number?’ Important detail: never ASK for her number. She could answer yes or no. By asking ‘what’s your number’ she can only give her number.

And a little bit of manipulation is okay guys, we girls are stars at that ;)

I am sure that with these three steps you’ll do better than 90% of my Tinder friends. Good look! Oh, and if you find me on Tinder, swipe right please ;)

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