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Opening lines chat

Door: Patrick Parker     In: Online dating     Geplaatst: 01-03-2015

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Opening lines chat

When you start chatting with a girl you like on an online dating website you are looking for opening Lines or your chat. What do you say to make the right first impression?

What works great are intelligent and non-needy opening lines:

  • I was reading your profile. I like that fact that you… You seem intelligent and I appreciate that.
  • Hi, cool you’re working on producing music. It awakens something within me. Who are you?

What also works great is the use of emotion-words and magic. Women love that:

  • Hi, your profile is quite empty so it doesn’t tell me a lot about you. Yet in some strange way, I get happy looking at it. I don’t get it, but it makes me curious about you.

Another option is being the alpha. Let her show you why she’s so awesome. Let her chase you a bit.

  • Hm, your profile seems interesting, but I’m in doubt. Who are you? Tell me more about yourself.

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