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Opening lines: the 12 best openers for men

Door: Patrick Parker     In: Picking up women     Geplaatst: 01-12-2016

Specialized in Structured Game. Through his dedication he changed from a lovable nerd to a man that knows how to attract the ladies with a snap of his fingers.

I wouldn’t do my job as a dating coach properly if I wouldn’t write down all nice, funny and original openers. For two years I’ve been writing them all down in my phone. That has resulted in a list of the best openers that I thought of myself or that I heard from others.

Whether you use them online or on Tinder ,you’ll find them all here! Also, later in this article I’ll explain you how to approach women and how you conquer your approach anxiety. 

Table of contents:

Opening lines for men

One night I went to my favorite club in Amsterdam, it was a deep house party with some of my favorite DJ’s, I went there with two women.More friends where already there.

I had the intention NOT to pick up any women that night and just go wild on the music. I was totally sober while I was wearing nothing else than my shoes, pants and a bathrobe. SWAG!!!!

I went fucking wild with everyone, lost my friends several times and found them back everywhere. I danced like a maniac on the best music and just drank water (soft drinks areshittier than alcohol so if I’m staying sober I’m damn gonna be healthy too!!!)

Suddenly the most beautiful girl in the club stands in front of me staring in my eyes, asking me my name. At this time I was half naked because my sister went off in my bathrobe. I introduce myself and together we go FUCKING WILD.

She turns out to be very cool and we keep dancing, kissing, running around and meeting people the whole time. At the end of the evening we go home together. She is one of de most beautiful girls I’ve ever been with and had great sex with…

A few times that night I thought: “Huh? I hardly tried anything, I just made a lot of fun, WTF this is awesome!!!”

Below you’ll learn the best openers for men and everything you need to know about opening her successfully so you can have the same awesome experience every week.

Best openers ever

One of the participants at our former Summer Bootcamp told me: “Daan, I will never use another opener than this one”. Watch this video to see what happened and how he used one single opener, the best opener ever, to tenfold his success!

You might find this disappointing, or even think I make a joke, but let me say this. Walking up to a beautiful woman simply and directly, offer her your hand and completely comfortably say: “Hi, my name is…”. That communicates SO MUCH self-confidence, you don’t want to know! Watch out, this one does NOT work on Tinder because everyone says something similar there.

What you actually say with this is the following:

-“I don’t need an excuse or nice opener to come and talk to you. I’ve come to pick you up and I’m not hiding it. That’s why I think the best openers are the ones wherein you’re honest and direct. I don’t try hard and I’m now giving YOU the opportunity to meet me.

Being honest when picking up women always works way better than trying hard, also with an opener. That’s why the best conversational openers are the ones in which you’re honest and direct. In 80% of the time I’m opening women I do it this way.

Examples of these type of openers are:

  • Hi. Your face is awesome. What’s your name?
  • Hi. You two seem nice. I come to chill with you. My name is ….
  • Hey, you really have a nice appearance. My name is …

You might think ‘Nice Daan, but don’t you have some other examples?’

Don’t worry, below you’ll find a huge list of openers for you to get started with ;)

Poor openers

Bad openers… We all know a few

More serious, do men really use such openers? Did someone ever seriously use them?

I often ask women about picking up women while I’m picking them up. (you still follow me? ;)) That paradox makes pick up even more fun and at the same time I learn something about my job. Pragmatic as I am.

Anyway, the girls confirm that these wrong openers are really used by some men. I don’t know them either. But it seems to be like that. The most popular bad opener:

  1. “Did it hurt? When you fell from heaven.”

Or what do you think about these bad openers:

  • I have to arrest you because you just stole my heart
  • Am I in heaven? You look like an angel
  • Next to being incredible sexy, what type of work you do in daily life?
  • I hope you followed a first aid course because I am breathless because of you
  • If you’d be a hamburger at McDonalds, your name would be MC-hotty
  • Is it that hot in here, or is it just you making me hot?
  • Normally I’m gay, but you can certainly change that……what do you think about it?
  • Do you have a band aid? I just hurt my knee when I fell for you
  • If I were a watermelon, would you then swallow my seed or spit it out (in the category very dirty)
  • I just checked my agenda and with some hurry I can fertilize you tonight

Do you want to see what happens if you do use them? Of course I made a video for you ;)

How to make bad openers work

Let’s be honest: Sometimes bad openers are funny. So Fuck it, I went experimenting to see if they’d work.

First in the bar.

Then on the street.

End then of course with a video camera that captures it all :-)

In the bar I talk to a girl. I look her deep in the eyes, my chin bended slightly and my forehead pointing to her. I say:

  1. “Hey… Can you tell me the way… because I’m lost.. in your... EYES”

I don’t move and she smiles

Directly she manages a comeback, another very bad opener. Her comeback is good and original so I decide to use a very bad one, one that I thought of myself and that I will not yet share with you (Next video! Subscribe to keep up to date ;), she has to laugh and for the rest of the night we’re inseparable.

Look, some openers are sooo bad, I’m not saying those to a woman. You can’t really do anything with them. I anyway refuse to ruthlessly insult a woman without any reason. Some that won’t go:

  1. “you give me an urge to fuck”
  2. “want to have a tong wrestling competition with me”
  3. “the more I drink, the nicer you get”\

Come on. Who makes this shit up? Tell a 14 year old acne-nerd to approach a woman and he’ll come with better openers.

Just to show how you can let even these deadliest openers work:

This is the end result:

The trick with these bad openers is not to take yourself too serious and to show that you don’t. Do it during daytime and you score 10.000 steel balls points. Some inspiration:

  • Nice clothes you’re wearing… Just too bad you’re wearing them…
  • Come and sit on my lab then we’ll talk about the first thing that rises
  • You smell. Let’s shower together.
  • Only 0.5% of women has a great sex life... I don’t have more time!
  • *spill a drip of water on her* shall we take those wet clothes of you off?
  • Can you give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation? Cause you take my breath away.
  • If I was a melon... Would you swallow my seed or spit it out?
  • Do you have a band aid? Because I hurt myself… when I fell for you.

Funny openers

These funny openers show how you can immediately start a funny conversation in real life or on Tinder. In this way you’ll get a nice conversation and you won’t immediately talk about typical (boring) stuff as study, work and where you’re from.

Use these openers at your own risk:

  • Recently I had a blind date/Tinder date. When we first met she came rolling to me in her wheelchair!
  • Make jokes about this: “the date rolled smooth” “she INSISTED on a second date”
  • Why did you invite all these people? I thought it would be just me and you tonight!
  • Do you have a mouse in your stomach? No? Then you have a very good pussy!
  • I have tickets for the World Championship in Brazil (or another big sport event), I’m looking for someone who wants to go there with me to streak.

Original openers

  • Bump in to her and say: “That damn attraction!”
  • Scratch her knee and say: “I had an itch on your knee”
  • “I am really good in picking up woman, you want to see?” Hardly/Don’t wait for her answer and pull her up into the air!
  • “I want to buy you a house”

On this last opener I’ll elaborate. I heard from a friend that she had a friend who always used this opener. His current wife had been picked up with this opener. I started using it too. The fun part is that you can easily improvise.

I for example say that there is a very big kitchen in that house and ask her if she can cook a bit. Or I say that I’m a gentleman and will lock her in her own basement instead of mine (with a friendly smile on my face off course!).

Good openers (how to make them work?)

Everyone who is interested in the world of picking up women knows that neediness is the most unattractive characteristic in a man. But not everyone knows that the best way to eliminate this is to enjoy yourself to the max.

The truth is that if you enjoy yourself to the max, THERE IS NO SPACE LEFT TO BE NEEDY. This is so true and women see, feel, smell, hear and taste this in the air around them. That’s how sensitive these beautiful beings are for the amount of neediness in a man.

Ain’t that the truth? Once I was basically jumped by a girl after I super enthusiastically in the last minute LOST a table football match from a fucking German! Hey the result didn’t bother me, I was enjoying wasn’t I? It’s the same story, from nowhere she stands before me and in 5 to 10 minutes she is ready to be kissed.

After another 10 minutes I ask her (she is also German): “Can I ask you an honest question? Do you make love like the way you make out?” Her answer is to drag me over to her friend so that she can check-out from the party as best friends do.

This state of ‘100% fun’ is something that can’t be forced and that’s why it sometimes is so complex for men, definitely in the pick-up scene.

Talk to women tips

Some tips to easily get into the zone are this:


Have the intention to focus on your fun. Don’t do this as a pick-up trick but simply for your own happiness. Massive additional benefit is that the indicator for your success now is the amount of fun you have, instead of your success with women.


When this is your attitude you’ll be more in touch with your intuition. Some clubs and bars you really don’t like, why then would you go there? Search for places you like. I personally don’t like noisy clubs with top-40 music. When I’m there my success with women is lower than on a festival, theater play or techno-party. Fucking logical, isn’t it? 


I recently wrote it, but gadgets are gold for picking up women. Things that you yourself find funny and help you to take yourself less serious. How do you think I feel when I go to a party in my bathrobe? Yo, I’m ready to fucking GO FOR IT. All those other losers in their Ralf Lauren polo’s are miles away from my awesomeness.

Big bad luck for them, because I last took myself serious in 2008. More awesome gadget: everything that sprays water, everything that has colors coming out, mega big bubble blowers and again: Alcohol tester!!!

Dude if you don’t have friends, how do you want to find a girlfriend? My friends are funnier, more interesting, cooler than any girl I will ever meet in whatever club. That doesn’t mean that I won’t ruthlessly dump my friends to go home with a girl, but that has another reason.

However, good friends are the best thing you can have in a club. I’m talking about real friends, dump your PUA practice buddy whit who you’re only approaching and analyzing, and make some real focking FRIENDS.

Flirting with your openers

Even though openers are fun in itself, one thing you may never forget. You didn’t come here to become her best friend. That sounds harsh, but it’s the truth. You want to let her know in a playful, teasing, inviting or whatever way that you find her attractive and that you want to get to know her.

This way of starting a conversation immediately gives a nice undertone that creates the right ‘vibe’ or click.

To give an example of a certain undertone in openers watch the video below of two dudes. They’re having fun in testing their openers on different ladies and give a good undertone once in a while. Watch out, some openers give a totally different vibe as the video will show.

A warning is in place. These ‘openers’ are questions and comments that are super direct. They work so well because you get what you want in no time: an answer. The result will be that you get or her number or an immediate no.

When you’re not clear right away, a woman on the street will question why you keep on talking to her. And making it clear afterwards is way harder!

Below you’ll find some of the best cheeky and direct openers there are for day game pick up.

  • Hi, I saw you from over there and I just had to come over to say that you really look good!
  • Okay listen, I was just doing my thing when I saw you, and that made me confused… Hi, my name is (your name)
  • Wow, you have a cool look… you’re Danish aren’t you? (make an assumption)
  • Excuse me, I’m going to be deadly honest because I’ve a meeting to attend… I think you look great and I’d like to go out for a drink one day – what is your number?
  • Please stop! I’m sorry but I can’t let you go without saying hi, you’re too nice for that! (with a cheeky smile)
  • Hi! I have to talk to you. Did you know it is an criminal offense to not talk to a beautiful woman?

What do you do after you opened her on the street?

Short some tips about what you do after you opened her on the street:

  • Make assumptions and don’t ask too many questions – making assumptions is more spontaneous and will be more intriguing and interesting to a beautiful women. Don’t start a cross examination but keep making assumptions.
  • Ask if she is single – Some men think you can better not ask this question, but I wouldn’t know why not. Ask her simple and directly if she has a boyfriend or is single. If she does have a boyfriend, you saved yourself a lot of time.
  • Tell her she is sexy! – Very little men dare to do this, while women like to hear they’re sexy. As a matter of fact every woman wants to be female and sexy, but their insecurities are blocking this more often than not. A funny way to say this is ‘you know you’re very sexy, don’t you’.
  • Fix her number on the spot – Give her a call if she answers with yes. In that way you’re sure to have the right number. This is quite standard but I keep being amazed by men being so happy with a number that they instantly run away. Prevent yourself from getting a wrong number.

Approach anxiety

Approach anxiety: The nerves and the feeling you have when you approach a beautiful woman. The strange thing is “Hi, my name is…” that after a few seconds in the conversation you lost most of the fear already. But the threshold, that first step, the fear for rejection, the nerves to really do it… AARGGHH!

Al those nerves prevent men from approaching beautiful women – or any woman at all – and then to seduce them. I’ll give you some small tips to get you over the first threshold, after that the ball is in your court.

Warming up

Firstly you overcome this fear by getting in the mood. Talk to a bunch of people in advance. By doing this you get into it a bit and notice that it’s not so scary as you thought. Approach men and women. Simple things as: “Hey men do you enjoy yourself?” and walk on right away… Giving someone a compliment “Cool shirt!”. You’ll notice that you get warmed up and that it gets easier!

3-second rule

Another rule is that you should approach a girl within three seconds after you see her in order not to numb out. After 3 seconds we start thinking and invent all these reasons and fears why we cannot talk to her. When you see a nice girl count to 3 and GO!

From standstill

Did you ever notice that it’s easier to do something once you got going? The same counts for approaching women. Starting to walk up to a woman from standstill is quit hard and scary. It asks a lot of you to start walking. Do you know what is way easier? Be in movement already! Walk around through the club and continue straight to that girl you want to approach. A simple trick that’ll make your life a lot easier!


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