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7 Original Date Ideas That Women Will Thank You For

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7 Original Date Ideas That Women Will Love

7 original date ideas that will make you stand out from the crowd

So you decide to take her out for dinner. There you are, sitting right in front on eachother… Uncomfortable silences… You feel the pressure to keep the conversation going… Then the bill comes – right, dilemma – who is going to pay for that…

Everybody knows the classic dates – go out for dinner, have drink, the cinema… The problem is that these are boring as hell, and actually only make you feel nervous. Luckely there are some better options.

The secret of a cool date is in the experience that is shared – something what is active and not too serious. We will give you some original date ideas for a awesome first or twenty-somethingth date – it does’t matter.

Date Idea 1: The Casino

The first reaction many people have when they hear the word ‘casino’, is that they think they need tons of money. Incorrect – you can have a exciting night for a small amount of money.

The emotions of winning and lozing are briliant, en make you guys have a lot of fun. If you win you can directly spend your money on a nice evening out together.

Date Idea 2: Visit an art galery

If you love culture there is no better place for a date than a museum or art galery. Surrounded by all these art pieces and paintings there is always something to talk about – which will make you feel less nervous.

Date Idea 3: Walk in the park

Take her with you for a walk through the park or botanic gardens. You can bring a bottle of wine and sit down on a parkbench or in the grass – you could even bring a picknick basket. If you really want to go all out you should bring a frisbee or kyte.

Sometimes outdoor events are being hosted in parks, like jazz festivals or even concerts. There are super cool events to take a girl to when you are into music.

Date Idea 4: An active date

Think of go-karts, bowling, iceskating, indoor skydiving, indoor climbing, lazer tag etcetera…

This type of dates will be will be a hundred times more fan than the typical coffee date. You will need some money to spend – but these ones are just awesome to do.

Date Idea 5: Go shopping together

Women just love shopping! Ask her to help you out choosing a specific clothing item. You can have loads of fun if you start dressing eachother up with items that you normally would never wear.

Date Idea 6: Salsa 

Dancing is a great way to increase attraction… and it won’t be a secret that women love to dance. You will laugh about each others mistakes, and if it goes really well you will both be so turned on that the dancing might continue at your place.

Date Idea 7: Cooking

Make her her favorite dish. First go out shopping together for the ingredients. Then you can start to go cook to make the fun really happen. Playfully smear a bit of food on her face or give her the favor of licking some food off of yours…

On one hand it’s a good idea to make the first date very low-pressure. On the other it’s okay to go and cook something together – if she is somehwat adventurous. Plus you will take the tension away by buying the groceries together.

Get to know her

It might seem obvious but many men forget to simply do this. Discover what her interests and passions are so that later on, when you are planning the date, you can use this information to create the perfect date.

Do you have experience with other cool original date ideas? Let us know in the comments below…

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