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Picking up women by ignoring them

Door: Leonardo     In: Flirt tips     Geplaatst: 28-01-2015

Coach. Zijn focus ligt op vrouwen emoties te geven die ervoor zorgen dat ze niet meer om je heen kunnen. Deelnemers roemen zijn vermogen om hen dingen te laten doen die ze nooit durfden.

Picking up women by ignoring them

Everyone knows that when you can’t get something, you slowly start to want it more and more. This works for everything. Not only things you want but also experiences and people. You go to the local store but unfortunately the thing you came there for is sold out. Be honest, you probably want it even more now than before you entered the store. That’s how our brain works.

Men who want to become better at picking up women sometimes think this also works when creating attraction with a woman. Is this a good idea? When a woman thinks it’s harder to get you, does that increase the attraction she feels for you?

When does ignoring turn into arrogance

You’re dancing your ass of and really enjoying it. You know you have people’s attention and it feels awesome. The problem here is that you’re missing your goal. All kinds of opportunaties arise but you’re not acting on them. This is misplaced arrogance. Men who are at an intermediate level can cope with this problem.

A lot of women also have this problem on a regular basis. They are enjoying the validation they get through the attention. But when they see a cute guy they find it hard to switch from disinterest to showing interest. It feels like they are descending from their throne, just when they were enjoying their royal status. For men the same happens sometimes.

The question on our minds is: How do we fix this? How to show her you like her (or him)? The answer lies in the frame in which you put the situation. How would a royalty in past days, or another high status person, do it? How would it look? This individual would slowly and gently be convinced of the other person’s value.

Let her convince you slowly

The key is to let her work for your approval. You do this by giving her challenges. ‘You know, I was planning to just enjoy dancing tonight, but you keep flirting with me. And I have to see, I can appreciate your determinedness [Look deep in her eyes].  But, I don’t even know who you are. Who are you.’

You are screening her. Not as a sleazy trick but because you are honestly wondering if you are going to give her your valuable time. This should be your mindset. Ignoring her is part of the game you play to select women. Those who are prepared to play this game are the ones who you will end up with.

Picking up women is learning to put your ego aside

Screening her and letting her work for you might sound arrogant. But what I am telling you here is that it has nothing to do with arrogance. If you want to be good with women you should let go of your ego. That’s something different than letting go of your self-worth. When the ego is out of the way, authentic self-worth will come to the surface. 

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