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Rebound relationship the solution for a broken heart?

Door: Arnoud Anderson     In: Dating tips     Geplaatst: 09-03-2015

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Rebound relationship

How to handle a broken heart

A rebound relationship is a ‘in between relationship’ that you have after an important relationship in your life has ended. You are still getting over your last relationship and having a new relationship or flirt makes the heartache of the last one go away for a bit. It’s not important who broke up the relationship because even doing that yourself may hurt you a lot.

If you have had a rebound, or a in one right now, then you know what I’m talking about. It feels a little strange, but als exciting and comforting. Somehow you only have the benefits of the breakup, and not the cons. Rebound relationships however last often very short and the problem is that you don’t really adress the pain in your heart.

Rebound relationship: what are you avoiding?

New experiences and new emotions are easily found. And getting over an emotion is usually something that is best to do with somebody else. But really experiencing the emotions to their depth is something personal – and that’s why it’s something only you can do. You can ask yourself: does the rebound actually add on my personal growth – or is it just a band aid on a wound?

Ofcourse there are some pro’s to a ‘in between relationship’. You have a nice time together, you feel attractive and confident. Still there is a feeling of emptiness. Here is where the downside of a reboundrelation becomes apparent. There is not a lot of depth, even if a rebound might feel quite intens.

Being honest about your broken heart

There is nothing wrong about a rebound, as long as you are honest about it to your rebound partner about your situation. Watch out that this new fling is not just to get over your broken heart. That would be a bit selfish. You don’t want to create expectations that you can’t live up to.

If you have or don’t have a new relationship, you can also use this period for a much deeper purpose. Like reflect on your actual reason for breaking up your previous relationship. If there are maybe points where you could develop yourself more on. A real man dares to look himself in the eye. What you don’t wat is that the same issues come up in the next relationship.

A rebound relationship, it’s fun. But do take responsibility for yourself to grow on a personal level. Discovering and understanding the causes is of crucial importance to make your next relationship a succes.

A broken heart is an opportunity for personal growth

When it’s clear to you what part you took in ending the previous relationship and you take action to learn from that, now then is when you are getting ready for the next awesome relationship. Look at yourself in the mirror and ask: what is the relationship I have with myself? The relationship with yourself is fundamental to your relationships with others. Work on that and your next awesome relationship is just a block away, exactly when you are ready for it!

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