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Romantic ideas for dates to seduce a woman

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Romantic ideas for dates

Romantic dates: Cool tips, but do they work?

Often these days it’s being said that romantic stuff doesn’t work anymore with the ladies. In some degree I agree with that. But that has to do with the fact that romance is often confused with cheesy BS. Like arriving with flowers and bonbons on the first date, that is only romantic in Hollywood.

The cool thing is the following. Men could be way more romantic. And romance can be fun, even effective when seducing a woman. So you can really differentiate from othe man that way, and win the heart of that one girl.

What are the best romantic tips to seduce a woman?

That’s the question. To answer this question we first should ask ourselves: What is romance? Everybody has his own definition, but my summery of romance is this: PUTTING REAL EFFORD IN HER. That is special. That’s special, especially in this time of smartphones, speeddating and social media.

A romantic love letter

I was out in a club the other day, I was talking to this cute girl. I asked her number and spontaneously said: “No, wait, give you your adress, I’ll write you”

Then I started to stalk her on that adress. No just kidding. But you get the wonder that appeared on her face when I said that. Enthousiasticly she wrote down her adress. Cool right?

What I found out is that writing is even more fun than I thought. It’s cool to really put some efford in a letter instead of writing some stuff over text message. Plus you have more creative possibilities like drawing, sending a photo or playing with the size of words.

You can ask her more personal questions because she has more time to respond. The interaction is very private. After 1 or 2 letters it’s fine to proceed to ask her out on a date.

My tips for romantic dates

This doesn’t mean you have to show off. The small things make all the difference.

When you meet up with her, make sure you have a fun surprise ready for her. You can hide a bottle of wine to a place where you lead her. “Oh look, what a surprise, there is a bottle of wine and two glasses here hidden” You tell her this in a fun way ofcouse ;)

These kind of suprises you should’s ALWAYS do. But sometimes. A different variety is to take her out night picknicking in the park. Take a blanket, feed her some fruits and massage her back.

Go outside, take her by the hand for a walk in the forrest or on the beach. Showing what you are really about will make more of an impression than taking her to a fancy restaurant or buying her expensive gifts.

Tips for romantic text messages


Dates like birthdays, times when she leaves for holidays, exams or presentations: write them DOWN. I can’t tell you enough how much she will appreciate a simple text message like “Good luck! I know you will be awesome ;)” just before an important presentation.

The same goes for her going abroad for a while. Wish her a lot of adventure and tell her you/your whole country will miss her. Give her the attention without expecting anything else, that’s the trick!

Other romantic text messages is the romantic compliment. Women are used to being complimented on their appearences. Be orginal. Compliment her on her smile, hear vibe or her character.

Romantic text messaging tips:
“I want to make you smile untill the smiling start to hurt, so much I love your smile ;)”
After a date: “That was cool tonight. To more I get to know you, to cooler you become. Have sweet dreams”
In the morning: “Hug and a kiss. I hope you have an amazing day!”

Do all these things once in a while, so she never knows then something romantic is heading her way. This keeps her stimulated to keep seeing you, because every time she has the chance to have a romantic experience with you.

Do this with girls who you really like, not with girls who you find just kinda cute. You want to manage the expectations so she doesn’t become totally in love with you. Because it’s powerful stuff!

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