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Things to talk about on a date

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Things to talk about on a date

There are two very distinct aspects when we are talking about the subject of things to talk about on a date. Namely the way in which we talk and secondly the topic or content of what we say. Expecially on a first date these are even more important.

What to talk about on a date

A lot of guys are wondering what the right things are to talk about on a (first) date. You are terrified of awkward silences or a date getting boring. We have a few dating tips for you. It might sound logical to you that we’d have to talk about typical things girls like, right? Well not quite.

It’s actually much more important HOW you say the things you say than what you actually talk about. Never forget why you are actually there on a date. If you don’t understand how to create attraction in your talks, then it doesn’t matter what you talk about. Because that’s not what gives your woman the right feelings.

The way you talk during a date

The way you talk has to do with different things like:

  • Body language
  • Flirting through eye contact
  • Playfull confidence
  • Leading the conversation
  • Giving mixed signals
  • Dealing with standard questions and subjects
  • And much more…

What I am trying to say is that, when awkward silences happen, you feel nervous, or some other challenge, you should first focus on the way you talk and ‘do’ the date before thinking about the actual content of what you’re saying.

Things to talk about on a date

There are a number of subjects that are absolutely amazing when you talk to a woman. But instead of telling you right now, do yourself a favour and think for a second. Which subjects would a woman find so interesting that she would even pay to learn more about them?

Hint: Cosmopolitan, Soals, Fashion magazines, and so on.

So when you are thinking of the right subjects, the answer is quite simple. Why doesn’t matter, but woman love topics like:

  • Drama, conflicts
  • Romance
  • Famous people and their lives

It is very simple to know what a woman enjoys. These are the subjects! But make sure to talk about them LIKE A MAN and not like her next best girlfriend.

Date subject #1: Play amateur psychologist to the rich and famous

Start how you read about how some famous person did something really stupid and analyze it. Some athletes, actors and rock stars love to do silly things. They cheat and then say nothing happened for example. These situations just as for sharp, critical, funny and sarcastic judgement.

Date subject #2: Look at some interesting group of people and fantasize about what might be happening

Look around and find a couple that look like they’re on a first date. Start making jokes about how it’s a blind date and how clumsy they are, or whatever. Talk about what they are actually thinking but are to afraid to sai. How the woman continuously thinks how the guy is missing the point and is going home alone. Analyze what is happening with a group of people is funny. A lot of women do it all the time.

Date subject #3: Analyze the love life of friends or relatives

Talk about the problems that others have when it comes to love and romance. Make ridiculous theories about what might be happening or what might be their problem. Tell a story about a friend that broke up with her girlfriend because she gained some pounds and make up a story how heavy women are actually lesbians. Make sure she knows you are joking of course.

Subjects you want to avoid at all times on a date

Never talk about subjects that scares women or topics that portray you as a loser. Especially on your first few dates with a woman. For example negative things about yourself, talking about how desperate you are looking for a girlfriend and how long it has been since your last date.

Also don’t ask her if she likes you or if you’re her type and all other things that make you look insecure and needy.

The key to success on your date is creating strong emotional attraction between you and her. If you don’t know how to do this, no one topic will help you in the end. If you don’t know what you are doing and how to create attraction, everything you do or say can encourage that.

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