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What is the number #1 reason you don't have the success with women that you want?

Hey bro,

Let me share with you what I’ve learned from coaching hundreds guys in-the-field, meaning having them be my wingman as we go meet women in bars, on the street and in clubs.

What I’ve learned is that it comes down to only a few unsuspecting boxes to tick of that stand in the way of going from 1 date a month (or less) to 3 days a week (or more).

These “attraction killers” are fairly common and that’s why we’ve built our most popular training, the weekend infield bootcamp around them.

The boxes you will tick of are:

  • [FRIDAY NIGHT] How to hit the zone where talking to women becomes fun and effortless (without the cliché ‘Dutch courage’ aka booz), instead of freezing up when talking to women that you considered previously ‘out of your league’, and how to turn talking into attraction
  • [SATURDAY DAYTIME] How to experience the social freedom to walk up to any hot girl, even on the street in plain daylight and strike up a conversation that leaves her giggling and you walking away with her number (or more)
  • [SATURDAY NIGHT] How to never ever bejust a friend’ but instead be the guy who she enjoys letting things get sexual with, and exactly knowing how to turn attraction into sex
  • [SUNDAY DAYTIME] How to turn phone-numbers into exiting dates, that naturally turn into make-outs, sex and her longing for your next text message; ánd how to turn what you’ve learning over the last 17 hours into livelong attractive habits that make the topics flirting, dating and relationships (including friendships) one of fun and affluence.

If you’re sceptical, I understand. Most men have been conditioned not to step outside of the social norms and not to hope for too much. It takes quite a bit of courage to f#k it! I’m taking my future in my own hand. This is a skill I can learn, and I damn it if I don’t”

If that’s you, then let’s talk. Cause you are exactly the type of person that me and my fellow coaches built this program for.

Why? Cause I and every trainer we have on board was once where you are now. And it takes a lot of courage to admit that you need help. We’re here to give it.

We have proof this stuff works, just check our testimonials. Please note there are very few training companies where people are willing to testify of their success. I don’t know why, but I suspect because it a. simply didn’t transform them or b. they not proud of what they learned.

Yep, we value women (this should be self-evident, but unfortunately isn’t). We want every male-female interaction to be win-win, whether it’s the start of the biggest love story of your life or a short passionate adventure.

If all this only slightly resonates with you, I am asking you to send me an email personally. We’ve offered a not-satisfied-money-back-guarantee since we started 8 years ago. This is one of the reasons we want to get friendly with you before we invite you on the BootCamp.

If you want more long term support with your achieving your goals we have the mentor program. This program starts with a friendly getting to know you and your goals sessions.

In either case shoot me an email. It just might transform your life.


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