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voice exercises for a charismatic voice

Door: Patrick Parker     In: Self-confidence     Geplaatst: 10-03-2015

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voice exercises for a charismatic voice

Voice excercises for an attractive voice.

This blog is about how to train your voice so that it will have more charisma. This seems to be hard to explain using non-verbal methods like text on a screen. But it is suprisingly easy to understand how unattractive monotome speaking is when you literally read the follwing out loud in your mind:

“Hey. How. Are. You. ? I. Am. Fine. Thanks. It. Is. Nice. To. See. You.”

Not compare that with the following.

“Hi! How are you? I am fine, thanks! It is nice to see you!”

And now with:


In your mind these three versions will all sound and feel different. The second will sound way more attractive than the first or third. The beauty in this is that speaking is not far-away from this thought experiment. It is very easy to stop monotone speaking.

Why do you want to stop monotone speaking? Simply because it is unattractive. This is because of multiple reasons, like:

  • The conversations you have and the stories you tell don’t get interpretted like you intended. The actual content of the conversation might be fantastic, but when you speak in a monotone voice the message still might not get across to many women. By not changing your tonality in the conversation she will not get what you find important or where you attach value to.
  • Women can’t concentrate well on repetetive tones. You will lose her attention and it will bore her.

Simply put if you can tell a story that Casanova himself would tell to seduce all women, if you tell the same story like a robot then you might aswell forget about the story.

Luckily for you it is easy to change this. The most important part is to put emphasis on some words (but not on all!). On which words you put emphasis is determing where the difference is in your vocal tonality. The following vocal differences you can use to put more emphasis on words:

  • Silence. Before you speak, keep silent for 1 or 2 seconds and see how you the her full attention on the next word you speak. An example here is: “You know what I just noticed about you eyes? They are…..gorgeous.”
  • Start. How you start pronouncing a word can put a lot of emphasis on a word. Start with high tonality and lower it during the word. Example: “That was totally A-MA-ZING”. You start high and you down with you voice. When you ask a question you do the opposite to give you a more clear idea of how this sounds.
  • Loudness. When you scream or speak up, this shows your environment your emotional state. This characteristic in vocal use can be used for temporarily enhance her attention towards you.
  • Depth. Sensual things you don’t want to say in a high, but in a deep voice, it sounds more erotic. This goes for sensual stuff but also for putting emphasis on words that are important to you. Everybody uses this when you talk about serious stuff.

A clear example of this story is to be seen in the following video:

Like in this video it is noticecable that the variables are not working only separate but also in a synergy to make you speak more attractive. Practice daily. Even a few minutes a day is enough, and look at yourself in the mirror while you do it. Check out how this influences others to listen more carefully to your storyand how this make women focus more on what you have to say to them!

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voice exercises for a charismatic voice


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