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What to talk about on dates, date ideas

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What to talk about on dates, date ideas

This is how you have stuff to talk about on dates

Whether it’s your first conversation, a second date, or just a flirt, it’s still difficult. What should I say or talk about? People regularly ask me: What conversation-topics are best to flirt with a girl? These topics give you something to fall back on and that’s why I am going to discuss them here today.

Basicly, you can pick up a woman with every available topic in the world. However, this doesn’t help you at this point, right? The question is, which topics work best to pick her up and seduce her. I am not going to specify very specific topics however, because every woman is different.

Your goal is to create a strong connection between you and her. That’s why I am going to help you with tips and tricks to establish this.

Topic 1: Passions

Her passions, your passions and especially those you have in common. Direct the conversation to what she and you love to do. Passions are important to her. If you bring it up, she’ll love to start talking about them.

Think about sports, traveling, self development, eating, cooking, philosophy or partying. Questions that work well to uncover her passions are:

  • What makes you deeply happy?
  • If money wouldn’t matter, what would you do in life?
  • What are the three things you do that make you happiest in life?
  • What could I wake you up for in the middle of the night?

Topic 2: Interests

Another option is talking about her interests. This kind of questions are perfect to get to know her a little bit better. Questions that work well are:

  • What do you do for fun?
  • What do you do on weekends?
  • Ah cool. What do you like about that?

Topic 3: Playful and challenging questions

Everything is about the experience you have together. The chemicals between you two. Moments of recognizing similar interests, surprising discoveries, and so on. Therefore it is of the upmost importance that you’re curious about her and stimulate/spike her. You want to go beyond the standard auto-response answers. What makes her tick? How did she become who she is?

You can find out in a fun and playful manner:

  • This is a very important question: Coffee or tea?
  • If you had to choose what do you prefer: A wild night or a romantic morning
  • Formulated more playful and flirty: A ride in my rollercoaster or on my boat?
  • Fiction or non-fiction?
  • State-of-the-art or old school?
  • What would you never ever do?

Natural Conversations

Only asking questions is definitely not what you should do. You might come over as try hard. As if you’re trying to get the conversation going and are trying to find a commonality between the two of you. Or that you’re not telling anything about yourself because you have low self esteem or don’t find yourself interesting at all.

A good solution is to make statement about what you love to do, what your interests are or what you prefer in certain situations. An example: ‘I’ll tell you something strange. I just LOVE coffee. I drank so much different kinds in my life and am always looking to find a new orgasmic coffee experience. What about you? Coffee-enthousiast? Or more the blueberry tea type. Haha.’

Conversations with emotion

Why do these conversations work so well when you are trying to pick her up? Because these topics are full of emotions and memories. Think back at a memory that really made you happy. In this moment you’ll re-experience all kinds of emotions.

It’s the same reason why people watch movies. It’s the feeling they get when watching them. Recalling a memory and the corresponding feelings and emotions will make her link them to you unconsciously. She’ll look back at the date and be very positive because of everything you made her feel.

Because of the positive relaxing vibe she’ll show more of herself and want to know more about you. Some people think men and women are very different, but the truth is we actually have more in common. It’s up to you to find what you have in common.

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