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When to kiss her? The right moment to kiss her

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When to kiss her? The right moment to kiss her

Knowing when she wants to be kissed

So you’re out, going to an event, bar, club or party. You’re wearing your best outfit and you feel awesome. Once there, you get into the vibe and see a girl you really like. You’re starting to talk and she likes you too.

You talk an laugh a bit more – you know you have to make your move. But when? You’re not sure. What’s the right moment? I’m going to tell you now.

The right moment to kiss her

Simple. The right moment to kiss her is when you see she’s sexually aroused. You can see this by watching her body language, but you can also feel it. If this sounds a bit weird to you, you’re too rational. Sexual tension is something you definitely feel.

Some body language signals are focused on you. She’s touching herself, with her fingers through her hair for example. She’s showing some skin, her neck for example, by pulling her hair to one side. Also, her upper body is completely turned towards you.

Kissing indicator #1: How does she respond to your touches

The first rule of touching is that you start touching her from the very start. Not in a sexual way but in a friendly way. This communicates that you’re not the friendly nice guy, but that she might end up in bed with you. This sounds exciting and that’s exactly what it’s supposed to.

Of course you need to pay attention to the level of comfort she has with you when you touch her. By always touching everyone you talk to, you start becoming more comfortable with it. It’s hard for her to feel comfortable if you’re not comfortable with the touching!

You then slowly become more and more physical by touching more neutral zones like arms, shoulders, back, etc…) Take her hand for example by saying: ‘Give me your hand’. Then just hold it while you continue talking. This is a romantic and somewhat funny situation. At a certain point you push her hand away and say: ‘Okay, enough for now’.

Kissing indicator #2: How close are you allowed to get to her?

An important indicator whether she’s ready to be kissed is distance. How close does she allow you to get before doing a step backwards or feels uncomfortable? Everyone has a personal space that only special people can enter. This can be family members, but also loved ones and romantic partners.

When you two touch through the legs or somewhere else, it’s a good sign, but doesn’t say everything. Some women are very huggable and it’s just a sign of affection.

Kissing indicator #3: How does she respond to eye contact?

Your eye contact will increase when the moment of kissing nears. When she keeps looking at you with an expecting look in her eyes, you know you can kiss her. When her pupils become larger, it’s a sign she is aroused. If you want to increase the tension, stare at her left eye for a longer period, move to her right eye, and then to her mouth.

Slow down your breathing, your movements and your speech. Build more tension. Think of how arousing it will be to kiss her and keep looking at her. This is the most amazing moment you two can have together. Enjoy it!

What if she doesn’t want to kiss?

When you went for the kiss and she doesn’t move, she remains talking to you, there is no problem. All is still well. If she’s really repelled, she’ll walk away. It’s more of a ‘not yet’ than a ‘NO!’ The most important thing is to not react emotionally to this. When you feel completely comfortable, the tension will only increase in a good way.

Just keep talking, change the subject to something easy. Don’t show you have any regrets of what you did. A real alpha man never regrets something he really wants. He’s proud of himself that he tried and will persist.

These are the most important tips to know when to kiss her. Let me know how it goes!

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